One method of pest control commonly used is called fumigation. In this method, a lethal type of chemical is utilized. It is released into the air of an enclosed space in the hopes of killing anything living in that space. It is meant to kill off termites, roaches and other pests living within the home. Before you decide to use this type of product, understand what it is, how it works, and whether it is necessary in your home. Hiring a professional to use these products is critical. You need to ensure the right type of chemicals are used in the right dosage to get the results you are looking for. You also need to ensure that the space is completely sealed off to prevent other areas from being Fumigacion Las Condes exposed to these chemicals. This may mean using plastic or tape to seal off the edges of a room. Once in place, the professional will spray the product into the space and allow it to sit for some time. This allows the chemicals to react. Proper ventilation after this procedure is done is critical before humans and pets become infected. There are risk factors ociated with this condition. The overuse of chemicals can be dangerous to any person or pet living in the space. It is critical to allow the appropriate amount of time for chemicals in the air to dissipate before reentering the space. Additionally, surfaces must be cleaned afterwards to remove any residue left behind. This residue still contains the chemical used and if it is ingested, it can cause a variety of ailments. For too many decades Pest Control Companies have claimed that whole structure poison gas fumigation for termites is the only sure way of treatment. However, The only thing sure now, is the continued thousands of dollars of cost billed homeowners for each unnecessary dangerous treatment that could be done in stead with available safe proven non-chemical treatment procedures. There are many effective alternative non-chemical termite treatment methods that have been developed the last two decades. Most of the methods are non intrusive and can be completed successfully in one day with no mandatory occupant over night move out. So why is it that the non chemical less costly treatment procedures have not been sold more to the public? It has been regular practice for U.S. termite companies, Big and Small, to simply sell the homeowner a not always necessary complete poison gas fumigation of their home to kill termites. This has come about through the years, mostly out of habit and because of the extreme profits made. From an economical point of view, chemical poison gas is less costly for a company's operating expense, however that should never be more important than priceless human life. The good news is, homeowners no longer need to be victimized by termite companies selling unnecessary poison gas fumigation. Public education is the key to safer termite treatments. Be cautious of any company who tells you that only whole structure poison gas fumigation will take care of your termite problem. Trust only a firm that also offers non-chemical alternative treatments and are knowledgeable about them.

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