Simultaneous catalytic hydrolysis of HCN, COS and CS2 over metal-modified microwave coal-based activated carbon In this work, a series of metal oxides modified microwave coal-based activated carbon[url=][/url](MCAC) catalysts were prepared for simultaneously catalytic hydrolysis of hydrogen cyanide (HCN), carbonyl sulfide (COS) and carbon disulfide (CS2). The influences of metal species, precursor, metal oxides amount and calcination temperature were investigated. The interaction between Al2O3 and MCAC improved the dispersion of Al and enhanced the removal efficiency of catalyst. Al2O3 was the main active component and it provided the adsorption and hydrolysis abilities. The alkaline and strong oxidation sites were responsible for removing HCN, COS and CS2. Meanwhile, the adsorbed water was beneficial to the catalytic hydrolysis reactions.[url=]wholesale activated carbon[/url] Al2O3 was attributed to the decomposition of aluminum salt. Under excessive high calcination temperature, Al2O3 reacted with surface functional groups. The formation of Al2(SO4)3 and Al(NO3)3 resulted in the deactivation of catalyst.

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