Take a step, calm down. Take a step back Marlboro Cigarettes, broaden the sky. We must learn to be modest among classmates, friends, and relatives, because humility is also a kind of beauty. Every time I come to Tianjin, I will fight with my younger brother. The younger brother Cheng Cheng is only one year younger than me, so When I was in charge of him, he was always dissatisfied. This often rubbed the spark of anger, sometimes because of the small things that you eat and eat less, I eat less, and the results are both hurt. This year I have been on the first day. Cheng Cheng also went to the fourth grade. In the past, the fight was always a habit, but now it will not be every day we will write homework together, a big table, we are sitting opposite, because we both rely on the table, gravity on the table On, so the table slides gently like a pulley. In order to be comfortable Marlboro Lights, I always groan, then I can see his mouth twitching slightly, the eyebrows are "eight" shape, very Reluctantly moving the chair forward, he must think: What do you want me to listen to you? But I am not angry, write for a while, I feel that he slightly arched to this side, may not be Intention, I said casually: "Don't squeeze!" Who knows, but he said: "I don't know who squeezed, you didn't?" This irritated me and looked at him with a grin. Look, I am not angry with one place, he is also eager to try. "Forbearance" I quietly think, I am bigger than him, I should have let him, I took a breath, as if a bucket of water put me The inner anger was ruined Online Cigarettes. Finally Cheng Cheng still apologized to me, our feelings are better. Now think about it, if not both of us humbly let each other, I don��t know how many years of cold war! Modesty is a virtue. It can make people more harmonious. "Kong Rong Let Pear" tells us that modesty is the harmonious factor of respecting the old and loving the young, the family is happy and happy. Every time you eat fruit, Chengcheng will always deliberately take the small piece. Let us be big. I will also rush to get "not good-looking" and leave fresh to my family. The adults praise us for being sensible. In fact, I know that "modesty" has made me taste sweeter than honey. The spirit food society learns to be modest, it can make people more harmonious and more harmonious, we want to let Let's carry forward the virtues!
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