Is there any eCommerce website share the profit with you, but first time in india phygicart introduce the way online selling by provide a online store to a common people and share the profit with them. You may have doubt who is the pillars of this business? Phygicart Founder is Dr. Jolly Antony Owner of Al safina group. Chairman : Dr. Boby Chemmanur Founder of Chemmanur Jewelers COO: MR Anish K joye we are making a revolution with a small changes of traditional eCommerce selling, for example just imagine xyz traditional eCommerce company selling a product but xyz eCommerce company dont share the profit with us BUT Here in PHYGICART we share the profite by sharing Retail profite weekly income Monthly income Annual Income For achieving this phygicart will give you a online store inside the website where you can build your customer or team to get a customer. You cant believe how much you will earn through this Note: you can earn income 2000, 6000 and 30000 and many more daily if you work with us as a team, please those are not welcome who think just joining is enough please stay away from this i cant guarantee them thy can achieve, As you people join with us we give you a online store where you can sell or anyone purchase you will earn income but you have to build up people around you. to become a affiliate to this digital and physical ecomerce you have to submit pan-card, payout bank information with I IFSC code, address proof and passport size photo ( You can email). Not required GST or tin for to be part of the store or affiliate For more information please join my watsapp group : OR watsapp me : 8125508369 If you work with me with whole heart I will defntily help you reach with me, for this we need to work as an team, already I have a good team where you get more help to reach the success so i defnatly welcome who are willing to do smart work to reach the achievement More over instead of purchasing item from other website try to purchase from we, we share the profit, I believe other e commerce company they wont, there is much more for you, I would say those who are in up they have more income than who comes under them, try to part of it as early as possible , now we have more than 2000 member's and those who are in up they earning 30000 daily cycle,

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