Phenol-rich bio-oil derivation via microwave-induced fast pyrolysis of oil palm empty fruit bunch with activated carbon[url=]largest activated carbon manufacturers[/url] In the present study, oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) was subjected to microwave-induced fast pyrolysis. It has been demonstrated that EFB pyrolysis with activated carbon (AC) as microwave susceptor significantly increases the bio-oil yield (38.26 wt%) at an optimized temperature of 500 °C as compared to the EFB pyrolysis without AC (1.89 wt%). The EFB bio-oil produced at 500 °C (EPO500) was characterized to be enriched with oxygenated compounds (92%) and high nitrogenous compounds (8%) with an overall low carbon to hydrogen ratio (0.1) that prohibits its direct usage as a transportation fuel. The EPO500 was also determined to have a higher selectivity of phenol compound at 42.95% with total phenolic derivatives up to 67.5%. The high phenolic content of EPO500 achieved at the highest possible yield indicates its potential to be used for the production of renewable phenolic resins. [url=]4mm air purification activated carbon pellets[/url]Hence, the present work of microwave-induced pyrolysis of EFB presents itself as a promising method to produce highly selective mono-phenol rich bio-oil from biowaste.

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