omeone once asked me: "What kind of old man do you like most at home?" There is absolutely no grandfather in my answer, because even if I go to his house to play, I just say hello, and then I went to do everything. . So in my impression, he is like a great way to go, I try to approach him - I slowly and slowly understand that the so-called family, only means that your fate is this life and present Newport 100S, constantly watching his back gradually drifting away. Like you standing on the side of the path, watching him gradually disappear into the turn, he told you with his back: don't have to chase. We are all people who are used to silence Wholesale Cigarettes. When two people who are used to it are together, they will not be negative, but will go further and further. I seem to accept the arrangement of this fate, and I seem to admit the alienation between me and my grandfather. So in my impression, he is like a passerby, his grandfather is older, his body is getting worse and he is living in a hospital. I followed my mother to the ward and said hello as usual. Until - my mother had to go out in advance, the whole room only left me and my grandfather. I was scared, and I took a book out of the bag and looked like it. The ward is unusually quiet. This may be true. Even if a needle falls, it can be heard! I thought that as long as I could do everything, I didn��t expect to open my mouth: "Children, let��s go out "If you remember correctly, your grandfather is a free person, so I promised." I pushed him to the park. Suddenly he wanted to let go of his shackles and walked on his legs. But my mother said that my grandfather couldn��t go more Marlboro Gold. I was able to succumb to it. Finally, I chose to be a grandfather. He put his hand out, the lifeline of this two hands is extraordinarily long, and a little wrinkles run out with a little force. This may be the imprint brought by the years, and it will be so sad. I also reached out and he clung to me in the gap between my fingers. In an instant, I was a little uncomfortable because I didn't know the hands! But these hands brought warmth that I never had. He walked very hard, one foot walked with one foot, I was afraid that he fell and I clenched his hand, and he tried harder, as if it was for me: "I am fine." The first time I relied on me, I had the courage to approach him again. Even though the haze, it will still be blue. It turns out that we have never been far away. On the way, he asked me a lot of questions. I also answered him patiently, so that we have been here from here, and the back is our back. This back is happy. Come back, make everything simple, let everything have the reason to be forgiven again, let us come back with my hand, even if you close your eyes, you won��t get lost, grandfather, I want to hold your hand like this.
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