What I love the most is the moment I tear open the package, pull the plastic seal, and open the cigarette box. The design is more elegant, the striped painting and the cigarette case complement each other., The details are well controlled. Pull out the cigarette, the filter looks quite delicate, the color of the filter tip is paper, and there is a circle pattern printed on the top. The connection between the filter tip and the cigarette is a ribbon, and the effective smoking distance is slightly shorter than ordinary cigarettes Cigarettes Online. And, if you can’t perform well in terms of taste, the price/performance ratio will be greatly reduced. However, the color and overall design of the cigarettes are very delicate. I personally like this color combination, which has a low-key and connotative feeling. Light one, and start to savor the second bite. The smoke is full, and the irritation to the throat is more obvious Cheap Cigarettes, but the aroma is slightly weak. After smoking again, the satisfaction of the lungs is not bad. After the big repatriation, I feel quite satisfactory. There are not too many surprises and no disappointments. If you say it is good, it is quite satisfactory. If it is not good, it is ordinary. In the middle section, I feel that the aroma seems to be richer, better than the front end, but it burns a little bit faster, or it may be sucked more vigorously, and the tipping paper has burned to the end. That's it, but it's good to hold gray. After smoking to the rear end, it is obvious that this cigarette is a lot easier to smoke, and the initial feeling of scent is gone. Instead, it is a sense of satisfaction Marlboro Gold, which is very refreshing and transparent. But it was so good that it burned out in a few bites, which is a pity. Some unwillingly took a look at it, and found that the filling of the tobacco leaves was still very solid, bright in color, regular shreds, and not much finely chopped. The herbal smell of cigarettes is very strong, and there is not too much flavor, and the overall performance is acceptable. The traditional style of the series of products guarantees a high aroma fullness and richness, highlighting the natural flavor of tobacco, and appropriately adding spicy, sweet and medicinal aromas to embellish the smoke, which is characterized by soft and delicate smoke. The elegant and natural aroma style will be welcomed by more and more smokers in the future.
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