Christmas is definitely one of the most important festivals for overseas sneaker players. What shoes to wear to celebrate with your family is definitely a question that SneakerHead is thinking about. During the Christmas season, BespokeIND, a custom-made shoe from Melbourne, brought a customized version of the [URL=]Air Jordan 3 KAWS[/URL], which is definitely a pair of eye harvesters. KAWS is definitely a very popular IP nowadays. Whether it is a joint name with Uniqlo or a partnership with Dior, it has a very high popularity. This time, the sneaker customization team BespokeIND also added KAWS to Air Jordan 3 to pay tribute. Inspired by KAWS's classic Companion image, the pair's Air Jordan 3 is replaced with a grey color scheme and adds KAWS's signature details to the tongue and heel. The first two days of OFF-WHITE chairman Virgil Abloh suspected that OFF-WHITE x Nike The Ten series is coming to an end. After the major trend sneaker media reported, the "The Ten" 2.0 series released this year experienced a full price increase. Almost all shoe types have experienced varying degrees of increase. Among them, the two pairs of [URL=]OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1[/URL] that have just been released have the most obvious increase, both of which have risen by more than $199. Air Presto, Halloween Blazer Mid and Zoom Fly Sp are also among the big take-offs. The madness of the momentum is staggering. At the end of last year, the "The Ten" series of European limited white OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 has already been exposed. This year, there is still no news of the 3.0 series, and to some extent, the "The Ten" series may be explained. No new work will be born. Although the "The Ten" series is likely to become a swan song, Xiao Bian once again emphasizes that this does not mean that the cooperation between OFF-WHITE and Nike will end. Both parties will bring new works in a new design form, but this black and white The form of color matching and anti-counterfeiting may not appear again. In fact, OFF-WHITE x Nike's World Cup series is a new form of cooperation between the two sides, and there may be more and more such series in the next year. This year's new Nike Air Max 270 has a good popularity. With its novel shape and good price/performance ratio, it has a very high appearance rate on the street. In the eyes of this pair of [URL=]Nike Air Max 270 Regency Purple[/URL], the new color of the shoes, the main body of the shoe is black, through the large area of ​​breathable mesh, you can see that the lining is purple, quite boring. Followed by the large volume of Air Max The air cushion provides unprecedented cushioning and support, which is perfect for those who love fitness! The most special thing is that the air cushion is specially painted, emitting a unique vision of glittering metal violet, and it is more aggressive and exquisite!

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