Incorporating Seeds in Activated Carbon Pellets Limits Herbicide Effects to Seeded Bunchgres When Controlling Exotic Annuals[url=]largest activated carbon manufacturers[/url] Revegetation of exotic annual gr − invaded rangeland with preemergent herbicides is challenging because seeding is delayed until herbicide toxicity has diminished, but at this time, exotic annuals can be reinvading. Incorporating seeds into activated carbon pellets may allow seeding to occur at the same time as exotic annuals are controlled with a preemergent herbicide because activated carbon can neutralize the herbicide in the microsite around seeds. I evaluated using activated carbon pellets with six species seeded at the same time imazapic was applied to control exotic annual gres at two sites. Two of the six species establish enough at one site to evaluate the effects of pellets. These two bunchgres had greater density and growth (height, leaf length, number of stems and leaves) when incorporated into activated carbon pellets compared with seeded as bare seed. This demonstrates activated carbon pellets [url=]4mm air purification activated carbon pellets[/url]can be used to protect seeded bunchgres from imazapic applied to control exotic annuals.

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