Today is the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. It is China's traditional festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is China's second largest traditional festival after the Spring Festival. Also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, Reunion Festival, August Festival, etc., it is a traditional festival of Han and most ethnic minorities in China []Newport Cigarettes[/url], and it is also popular in neighboring countries such as North Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Because July, August, and September of autumn are in the middle of August, and Ye Hao is in the sky, more folks are reunited than family members tonight, so it is also called Reunion Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the customs of autumn worship and moon worship in ancient China. In the afternoon, exquisite photographic works exhibited on both sides of the Drum Tower Commercial Walking Street. Yuanzhou Qiaolou's ink is fragrant []Parliament Cigarettes[/url], and there are a lot of people coming to watch the Moon Calligraphy Exhibition, and I am among them. After reading it, I expressed admiration and appreciation for the profound skills of these famous calligraphers. At night, my mother and I came to Drum Tower again. It was found that there was already a crowd of people and vocals, the passion and movement of the whole street were intertwined, and the warmth and joy blended together. Walking inside, I saw the colorful lights flashing in front of Yuanzhou Qiaolou. The performance has already started, first chasing the moon, asking the moon, offering the moon, and worshiping the moon. Afterwards, Yichun Central City passionately staged a good show of fire dragon chasing the moon. The dragon dance team headed by the bench dragon of Fengcheng roared in the excitement of drums, which opened the prologue of the fire dragon chasing the moon. Xianglong parade along the route of Chaoyang Road-Dongfeng Road-Gaoshi Road-Yuanshan Avenue-Sports Center Square. Under the night scenery of Yichun City, there are twenty-seven auspicious dragons tumbling up and down, winding and roaming; sometimes taking the sky to win treasures, circling and screaming; sometimes dancing to the ground, like a long dragon diving under the sea, turning up thousands of waves; From time to time, the dragon dances like a long dragon ascending into the sky, rolling up thousands of auspicious clouds ... The fire dragon chasing the moon ignited the enthusiasm of the general public for the Mid-Autumn Festival []Marlboro Lights[/url]. They followed behind the fire dragon, cheering and running, in Yichun on Mid-Autumn Night A spectacular scene of dragon chasing the moon and people chasing the dragon was performed in the central city. The public's cheers and laughter, excitement and enthusiasm all entrusted them with unlimited enthusiasm for life and longing for a better future. In the Yichun Sports Center, twenty-seven auspicious dragons held a spectacular dragon dance in the cheerful drumming sound In the performances, they sometimes raised their heads, turned upside down, and sometimes rushed left and right, winning the warm applause and cheers of the general public. Related articles: []Newport Cigarettes[/url] []Cigarettes Online[/url]

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