For all who comes to World of Warcraft Classic, the first step into an untold land is crucial, since no one knows what will happen next. Elementary help takes you further from the first step and gets started provided by a professional gamer. World of Warcraft Classic is a dynamic, immersive world full of war and exploration, exploring there, you would encounter and overcome countless challenges alongside kindred adventurers. There are different realms in WOW Classic to suit unique playstyle, Normal, PVP, RP and RP-PVP, and each one will have different battle modes. When all the preliminary work is done well, consider joining the Horde or Alliance. Correspondingly, your task and challenges will be different according to your choice. Then create a character and choose the class, race, and server for it. Before playing World of Warcraft Classic, it's better to master more abilities, skills and talents to level up characters faster, especially some basic common sense. Normally, you can kill what you could defeat in WOW Classic unless the NPCs marked as "civilians" in the opposing faction, such as vendors, innkeepers, this is also known as "dishonorable kills" to tank your total honor and loot. With the First Aid profession removing from WOW Classic, you need to improve your bandaging ability to recover quickly, this is a necessary skill to tide yourself over much more efficiently after having a nasty run-in with a Defias bandit in Westfall. Whenever food and water are essential resources to survive in vanilla and keep health and mana pools healthy, don't ignore the details, because no one knows what will happen in the next second in World of Warcraft Classic. Last not in the least, many worthless items from the early stage should be retained until the later phases of WOW Classic, such as Ironweb Spider Silk and Large Brilliant Shard, of which can make huge profits for players. So while playing it for the first time, don't lose the loot arbitrarily, otherwise you can only use WOW Classic Gold to exchange them when necessary. Top store WOWclassicgp is selling Cheapest wow classic gold for a long time to make up for the lack of WOW Classic items, and many experienced players admit that this is more cost-effective than farming, now shopping here, you could get 8% extra god with special offers. What about playing WOW Classic game during the warm spring?WOWclassicgp will run a Spring Free Giveaway promo offering Free 1500 WOW Classic gold US/EU at 3:00 a.m. GMT on Mar. 11, 2020!More Long-Term Code:Up to 6% off Code WAP6 to buy wow classic gold AnyTime!

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