Complete Review Of Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross-Line Laser Level


If you are still seeking a powerful construction tool that is multi-purpose and multi-functions that can help you to nail every single task you do, either it is indoor or outdoor, then Bosch GLL 2-15 laser level must be the one you should purchase without a sec of hesitation. Now let us show you a complete review of Bosch GLL 2-15 laser level so you can figure out why we confidently say so.


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#1 Characteristics:

It is a self-leveling type of outdoor rotary laser level with IIa laser cl. Its weight is 4.7 pounds and can create red beams with an accuracy of +-1/8”. Besides, it is guaranteed with 2 years of warranty.


#2 Construction:

The construction of this model is undoubtedly reliable and durable. It is well-made to work in rough weather conditions such as rainy, windy, etc. Hence, it is very suitable to work on job sites. Also, this device has great portability so we are sure that it can solve and deal with any complex work requirements of yours.


#3 Magnetic Bracket:

We must make it clear that without a mounting bracket or stand, you cannot deal with a laser level and you cannot grip the surface strongly. But don’t worry, Bosch GLL 2-15 is already integrated with this part and it also works amazingly. Furthermore, this feature is suitable when you are working on a vibrating surface or indoor projects with height. The bracket will hold the device firmly, and you can just work in comfort.


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#4 Diversity and Versatile:

It’s absolutely important to choose a kind of green light laser level that should be versatile and diverse in working so you can use it in almost any kind of job you want. In this case, Bosch GLL 2-15 laser level has diversity and versatility that has already gained user’s trust. With those, it can bring professionalism to your work.


#5 IP54 Rated:

Bosch GLL 2-15 laser level is IP54 rated. This specification means that it can protect your device from internal damage or any external factor such as tough weather conditions. It is proven to be safe from debris, water and dust so you don’t need to do the cleaning frequently after use. Therefore, you can feel free and comfortable to work with this tool outside.


#6 Brightness:

It can be really annoying and disturbing if you’re interrupted during your work because of visibility issues that you cannot see the beam of the best laser level. However, Bosch GLL 2-15 has built-in features to enhance the brightness so you don’t have to add too much effort trying to see the beam. Besides, you can add a few accessories to enhance the beam more if you have to work in daylight.


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#7 Smart Pendulum System:

As a starter, you may tend to look for advanced features to simplify your works as much as possible because sometimes the basic models cannot cover those things. Smart pendulum system also protects internal parts of the device so you can work in peace.



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