Actually, it depends on person to person. Starting with the IELTS preparation, give an hour to each module. Practice each and every module in the given time frame. Look out for your mistakes and try not to repeat them, even if you have to listen to that recording once more or you have to read that passage again. Just try not to repeat them. Always try to do the test in the given time limit. Once 60 minutes are over, stop your Reading section and check your answers. After scoring yourself, then solve the remaining questions. Hope you get my point. Same goes with the Listening section. Take a full Speaking exam and record your voice for the first few days. After completing with the exam, listen to your recording. Judge and score it. You should not be repeating words and saying ‘hmmm…’, ‘mmm’ and these types of voices. If you think, your voice is not coming out proper and clear, read aloud something in English EVERYDAY for 30 minutes till your day of exam. This will really help you. Coming to Writing, it comes with practice. Learn some words, phrases and idioms everyday and try to use them in your writing. Read some good quality articles from magazines, newspapers everyday. Find someone who will be ready to score your writing tasks everyday. If after doing the full practice tests for few days, you think I’m weak in a particular section, double the time for that particular section and try to improve in that. There are so may youtubers out there, who provide the tips and tricks for the IELTS exam. My personal favorites are : IELTS Liz , IELTS Ryan , IELTS Official , British Council IELTS , IELTS Self Preparation The Best ! , IELTS from IDP Education. Look out for their videos on a particular topic and try to watch atleast 2 videos everyday. This will really help you if you are practicing on your own without any help from the coaching institute. Email:- Skype ID===Jacob JB WhatsApp: +1 (956) 410-3554 +1(413) 259 0264

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