Plk Bio-chem Co.Ltd. is a research chemical manufacture and wholesaler based in China. Plk Bio-chem offers for sale a large number of chemicals for student’s, researchers and hobbyist and ship direct from China & Hong Kong to the USA, AU, EU, UK and most of the rest regions of the world. Recognizing the difficulty of researchers to get supplies of fine chemicals, our company  aims providing the rest of the world with fine chemicals of almost any kind. Our science laboratory merchandise is of supreme quality, all the research chemicals we offer tend to be perfectly evaluated, which of course means you will definitely get them extremely pure. If you have an interest to purchase wholesale from us, kindly get in touch with us for more details. Product List; -Eutylone -5cl-adb-a -5fmdmb2201 -Jwh018 -mfpep -mdpep -2-fdck -4f-adb -Hep -Etizolam -Alprazolam -Diclazepam -Clonazolam -Flualprazolam -448800 -bmdp -4-cmc -3meo-pcp -4F-MPH -Carfentanil -Fentanyl -Isotonitazene -mdma -ketamine -coke -R-30490 -Lofentanil -Brorphine -Th-pvp -U47700 -4-Anilinopiperidine -Caluanie Muelear Oxidize -Ergotamine Tartarate -ALD-52 -1P-LSD -1CP-LSD And several other research chemicals. The above list is just a list of our best selling products, so feel free to inquire about any products you need which is not found on our list. Best response, within 24hours; CONTACT: Email: Wickr: Skype:

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