1, Our Mission: - This company is dedicated to the purpose of creating a chemical free society. A nutritious crop that improves the human body by depriving it of chemicals. (Not just food, mushrooms have different herbal properties) This is an economic crop that will maintain financial stability in your family. I would like to set India's precedent in the world court by focusing on cultivating this mushroom, so we sincerely wish your cooperation. Very poor families in this village can earn their families finances by cultivating this. The unemployed, the educated, the uneducated, the young - the young women or all the unemployed can make themselves dependent on cultivating mushrooms and others. This mushroom farming project is a burning initiative to alleviate unemployment problems. Our company is giving us the opportunity to earn a living in our own home with little capital. For example, (mushroom cultivation, biofloc, colored fish, different species of oyster), you can earn your family finances on more varieties. The business you own, you don't have to be someone else's main goal of BMCS. Our main goal is to mobilize the disadvantaged people of the backward sections of the society and make them financially sound. BMCS Farming Private Limited urges us to join this great initiative. Thank you for your family's prosperity.

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