In the third day, on the first day of the physical hygiene class, the teacher hangs a human anatomy on the wall behind the classroom, which shows the names and parts of important bones and muscles. The painting was hung there for a whole semester. Near the end of the exam, as soon as we walked into the classroom, the painting was taken away by the teacher, and the whole test paper had only one test: the names and parts of the main bones of the human body. We almost protested in unison: "The teacher didn't say it, we never learned it." "This is not a reason." The teacher smiled and said, "The knowledge has been hanging on the wall for several months." We reluctantly answered. After a while, I handed over the rolls. "Please remember the students," the teacher advised us. "Learn more than just what others tell you." Concealing contemplation, suddenly realized: Learning is not just learning what others tell you! Looking out the window, the quiet night, there is no way to say - memories, being blown down by the wind, picking up the broken moments, imagining - when I retreat everything that others have given, I only have tangible shapes, invisible The soul, its own thoughts, and a completely blank world. It turns out that I have always lived in the world of others. My world is just a piece of white paper. I need to go to graffiti and paint it-----screaming! My study is also true! Looking back on the past, I always believe that the teacher��s responsibility is to impart knowledge, and the student��s responsibility is to accept knowledge. Our students are like chicks that are waiting to be fed, just waiting to be fed. Perhaps this is also the drawback of modern education. The notes on the book are not my own thoughts. They are the result of the teacher's brains. I just copy it, nothing more. I ask, how do I benefit from geometry? The interestless sigh ------ what others tell Cheap Cigarettes, is always like the knowledge of the dead, and can never be understood in depth. Just like a math problem, the teacher's problem-solving process on the blackboard is as easy as taking a bag. If I haven't thought about it before, I don't think it is understandable. Isn't it? Fortunately, at this stage of education, students have been encouraged to learn independently and innovate, leaving students with a blank space instead of replacing the student's thinking space Parliament Cigarettes. At the same time, I also deeply introspected: in the process of learning, I no longer rely on teachers Online Cigarettes, rely on books, rely on external forces, but I go to "foraging" myself, and "knowledge all the nets", and do everything in my pocket. Combating the memory of the text, suddenly realized - the realm of learning.
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