Board MLM Plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan because the design of the Board Plan is a 2x2 Matrix Cycle. Most of the Multi level marketing company works with Board MLM Plan Software as it has more advantages compared to other plans. The best feature of this plan is you can earn unlimited income and this feature is enhanced further with perfect MLM software provided by only Omega Softwares based in Mumbai. Our development team develop MLM Software for following Board Plan concepts like: • Single Board • Multi Board • Shuffling Board • Auto Filling Board • Manual Filling Board We have the best designers and programmers team having a vast amount of experience which results in delivering best and effective softwares in today’s market. We are the one stop shop in Mumbai for complete Multi level marketing software services at an affordable price having more than 18 years of experience in creating MLM software in India. Besides, from this we also provide many plans such as: • Binary Plan • Matrix Plan • Generation Plan • Level Plan • Hybrid Plan • Repurchase Plan • Single Leg Plan For More details contact us at 9820204941

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Revolving Matrix plan is also known as MLM Board plan is the most popular MLM plan for a limited number of members. Reason behind why Board MLM plan is more popular because it can be easily run between a few peoples that can be friends, collegues and even family members. To manage Board MLM Plan is more easy because it runs between limited number of members and payouts are also great. Website:-Board MLM Plans Call Us On:-8528520227

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