Application of microfiltration systems coupled with powdered activated carbon to river water treatment [url=]yongruida activated carbon powder[/url]A bench scale submerged microfiltration system coupled with high concentration of PAC (powdered activated carbon) was applied in order to purify a river water containing secondary effluent. The system was operated with four different modes: Run-1, -2, -3 and -4. The PAC concentration was set at 0, 4 and 40 g/L with same filtration rate of 1.0 m/d (42 L/m2/h) which correspond to Run-1, -2 and -3. In Run-4, the filtration rate was set at 0.5 m/d (21 L/m2/h) with PAC concentration of 40 g/L. The effluent turbidity showed below 0.1 NTU for all runs, and the removal rates more than 90% were observed. As for TOC removal, almost no removal of TOC was observed in Run-1 while the higher removal rates were obtained with the higher dosage of powdered activated carbon. Run-3 and 4 with PAC dose of 40 g/L showed the removal of 85% regardless of the filtration rates. Removal of UV254 was similar to that of TOC: removal of 13% at Run-1 and 90% at Run-3 and -4. As for the filtration efficiency, an average filtration time for TMP to reach 60 kPa was checked for each runs. The filtration time of around 5 days was observed in Run-1 and Run-2, 2 days in Run-3 and 60 days in Run-4. According to the results, the effluent water quality got better with higher dose of PAC[url=][/url] and the filtration efficiency was enhanced with higher dose of PAC and lower filtration time.

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