One way to boost your tax refund is by taking lots of deductions. Taking the standard deduction is easier, but you might be able to save money by itemizing your deductions. If you don't really have enough in deductions to make that worth it, see if there are any deductible expenses you can move forward from 2017 to 2016. For example, if you've been planning to donate to some charities in the next few months, doing so in December can have them count for tax year 2016. (You can also donate household items and clothing to charity.) If you know you have qualified medical expenses such as Lasik surgery or lab work coming up, you might try to move them up to December, too. Read up on deductions as there are many that might apply to you, such as expenses related to moving for a new job. For more details 2d App Intro

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If you are not sure how to do the calculation then I would suggest you check out this tax refund calculator. It would allow you to put in the numbers so that it can do the calculation.

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