Hello, There is a basic difference between Generation mlm plan and Binary mlm plan are as follow: First, we will look Generation plan Actually the MLM generation Plan is completely based on product selling and sharing a profit of the marketing business. In the generation plan, the number of downlines does not restrict width as well as depth-wise. In Generation mlm plan width and depth is unlimited. Generation Plan is a sales-driven plan as well and also a no limit for downlines Now let's come to Binary Plan A binary plan is a volume-driven plan. The binary plan expands very fast as it needs to recruit only two downlines for a member. So both are the different form each other and the Omega Softwares provide Both plans at a reasonable cost and all MLM Plans of Omega softwares are easy to use. They also provide the free mlm software demo. For more details contact: 9820204941 | info@omega-sys.com Visit: https://www.omegamlmsoftware.com

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