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Dear friends

Welcome in the world of TenX Bitpro. Do you heard about TenX, TenX is a brand name it is available all over the world. Don't believe my words. Try your self search on Google directly. This is Singapore based first company in world which has its own crypto currency and its own crypto currency debit card where any body any time can use their Currency of that country. Also TenX is a international Brand name so you can also use its crypto debit card to purchase thing. Now first time already started Their project in India in the name of tennxbitpro.com through MLM industry for gadring of some crowds for believing them.

Web Site:- http://www.tenxbitpro.com

Place Your Id Using Sponsor Id:- 6547329

where every one need to join these concept by joining them to more know about the Smart Contract for there Future.

Package Started with only $12 where $1 deduct for Donation & $1 deduct for Admin Charges which means total Calculation Started with $12 only for Each members.

4 Active Direct Referral is Compulsory for Each Members for generating their Income with Direct Referral Income From


It is due to take participate in working and non-working both group only 1st group
Is auto rest all working and non working are valuable if any on purchase then only they can get their benefit.

More than 200% only in Referral Out of which

Alpha ( α) group (Totally working)

1St Direct Referral = 50%

2Nd Direct Referral = 25%

3Rd Direct Referral = 15%

4Th to next all Direct Referral = 10%

Beta ( β) group (Non - working)
Each pair of alpha referral auto generating beta income

1St Direct Referral = 50%

2Nd Direct Referral = 25%

3Rd Direct Referral = 15%

4th to next all Direct Referral = 10%

which is instantly Credited in Wallet. But user use this fund after upgrade their both group Id's considerably.

20 Level Income
Every Members definitely Get 61% Distributed Level Income 2nd to 20th level

2nd Level 10%
3rd Level 9%
4th Level 8%
6th Level 7%
5th Level 6%
4th Level 5%
3rd Level 4%
2nd Level 3%
1st Level 2%
11th to 15th Level 1%
16th to 20th Level 0.5%

if any members is unable to make 4 Active Direct Referral then their total active Fund will be Donated. And Id will be permanently removed

Upgrade Income

Every Up-line and Super Up-line Get 25% Every Upgrade Income which is also known.

Non Working Income

Every Members Get 3% Non Working exclusive Income of Your Own Total Business

Auto-Pool Income
Every Members Get 3% Consecutive auto-pool Income of your Cross-ponding Consecutive Team Business

Royalty Income

Every Members Get 3% Royalty Income of your Total Team Business

Every Members Get .2% Super Royalty Income of company Total Business

Also A lot of more Income and Achievement is Available here.

Every wallets are available for each members which a person make any withdrawal or moving Fund there 70% of Withdraw Fund is gone in Main Wallet ( from where any one use this wallet for activating, Fund Transfer) and Rest 30% is gone in Update Wallet (from where any one can use it only Up-grade any Ids with this Fund only)

If any one wants to make withdrawal in there Bank Account or BTC there is a deduction of 10%
Rest A lot of Rewards and Salary is also Available here. So more Please See PDF

Book your top position by send us your detail.
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Or Place Your Id Using Sponsor Id:- 6547329

Call our National Promotor

KALPANA - 8415804347 / 8787390457

Shiv Sharma :- 9798208453

Suraj Singh :- 9599513290

Plan In Hindi
दोस्तों स्वागत है आप सभी का TenX की दुनिया में दोस्तों एक बार फिर से कोविड -19 से लॉक डाउन हुआ है इस समय पहले से भी जयादा गंभीर स्तिथि हो चुकी है पिछली बार जब लॉक डाउन लगा था तो दोस्तों मैंने एक ऐसी अवसर आपको दिया जिससे घर बैठ कर ही आप सभी ने कमाई करि थी। इस बार भी मैं आप सभी के लिए अवसर ले कर उपस्थित हुआ हु। पिछले बार की तरह इस बार भी आप सब घर बैठ कर इस बिज़नेस में हिस्सा ले सकते है।
वेबसाइट :- tenxbitpro.com

मेरा स्पांसर आई डी :- 6547329

मात्र $12 के साथ आप सुरवात कर सकते है। 4 डायरेक्ट कम्प्लसरी है

इनकम इस प्रकार है।

1 - रेफरल से 200% का ( वर्किंग तथा नॉन वर्किंग दोनों से )।
2 - अपग्रेड से 25% का ।
3 - 20 लेवल से 61% का ।
साथ ही आज तक किसी भी स्मार्ट कॉन्ट्रैक्ट के साइट में नहीं मिला होगा वो यंहा है दोस्तों
4 - अट्रैक्टिव ऑटो पूल ।
5 - रॉयल्टी वो भी आपके टोटल बिज़नेस टर्न ओवर की ।
6 - सुपर रॉयल्टी कंपनी के टर्न ओवर की ।
7 - साथ ही बहुत सरे आकर्षक इनाम भी ।
तो देर ना करे आज ही ज्वाइन करे
और अधिक जानकारी के लिए 24x7 निचे दिए हुए नंबर पे संपर्क करे
नेशनल प्रोमोटर :
कल्पना :- 8415804347 / 8787390457
शिव शर्मा :- 9798208453
सूरज सिंह :- 9599513290

जिनके पास BTC है वो खुद से अपनी आई डी एक्टिवटे कर सकते है।
और जिन्हे एक्टिवटे के लिए फण्ड चाहिए वो हमारे नेशनल प्रोमोटर को कॉल कर सकते है सिर्फ INR में पेमेंट होना चाहिए।

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