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http://www.moneyplus2013.com HURRY JOIN NOW ON SPONSOR ID - lastchanceside- right1ST TIME IN HELP PLAN HISTORY-ADVANCE DONOR.YOU SEE DONORS FIRST->GET NAME OF THE RECEIVER -> THEN DONATE. HELP AMOUNT OF Rs 2100.MAY GET Rs 6300 ON THE SPOT.10 DIRECT 10 BINARY PLUS REWARDS.LAUNCHING ON 29TH APRIL.JOIN NOW ON SPONSOR ID - lastchanceSide- Right Business Plan1. What is "ADVANCE DONOR"?&bull You are not required to donate till we have enough donors for you. Once you register, you will not be reuqired to help anyone untill you see 3 donors below you. We will show you 3 names who are in pipeline to donate you. We will not display their phone numbers to you untill you have helped someone.&bull Once you have donated to your receiver, you will see phone numbers aof above donors and you may get the help from them.&bull A receiver will be assigned to you only when there are 3 donors available for you.&bull You will get 4 options once you have received the donor.1. Extend2. Reject3. Wrong Receipt4. Approve&bull You will get 24 hours to make the payment. If not paid within 24 hours, your account will be blocked and you will not be eligible to recieve any benefit from the system. You can not register again in the system in future.  12 21 11 Direct Income 10 Matching Bonus 10 First Pair 21 or 12 Then 11 Capping Rs. 315000 Rs. 210 X 150 pairs daily &bull Payout will be calculated at 100 AM daily&bull 1 Direct in Left & 1 Direct in right are compulsory to get the binary income&bull Matching Bonus & Direct Income will be added to your ewallet from where you can withdraw the same anytime&bull Send Rs. 2100 to someone for "Money Plus Effect"&bull In this case, you may get Rs. 2100 X 3 Rs. 6300&bull So, if you place 3 IDs and send Rs. 2100 X 3 Rs. 6300. You may get Rs. 18900.&bull On top of that you may get the Matching Bonus which you can withdraw anytime. Give Help Get Help Rs. 2100 Rs. 6300 &bull In future, you can again give help of Rs. 2100 to get Rs. 6300 as a help.Sponsor id - lastchanceSide- right
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