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india from last 8 mnths
08 July, 2012
Total Views: 548
Name: Miss Sneha singh
Mobile No.: 8107472689
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 1st time in INDIA Never ending Great opportunity  ECOMMERCIALS prelaunced with Group of company's.............Eommercials Product and Project based concept.   Contact 9001026100 Miss Sneha singhCORE grp mmbr n Master Franci. owner of Punjab state joining Reg. 1000Top up 50001000020000Product package includes1 Top up against product adv.Branded Products with vet paid2 Personality dev.trainingwill be given by Mr.K.D.Shukla,Mr Raj Kale,Mr Shiv Khera ji  3 2 N & 3 days holiday voucherselected Destinations in india4 Get registration pinstop up 5000  - 5 pins 20 RP eachtop up 10000- 10 pins20 RP eachtop up 2000- 20 pins20 RP each5 life time membership online theatreCinemasMoviesSerialFilmIts U.S. concept  ,1st upcoming film on networkers life"SLUMDOG NETWORKER" true story and 100 with name fam6 Purchase property on discount 1st time in india launced Real state project Networker citys and Networker cafe  Special Note......1 ECOMMERCIALS runing in india in Legal way by S.Court Adv. Mr. RAM JETH MALANI ji.2 All company's of ECOMMERCIALS are Registered3 Your Earning amount only in your bank account with 20 deduction,Certificate willbe available on your ECOM. account.4 20-20 board of meeting will be arranged only when ever minimum 25 ID'S of ECOM'S are topuped.There is not only great chance to understand batterly ECOM'S never ending oncept but also can intreact directly to the Board of Directors. Terms & Conditionpoints to remember before moving further Complete your A and B Directs and Top up both A&B of them to receive full points on viewing eAds. If you are not having your own Directs Sponcered by you you will eligible only to earn half points for viewing eAds. NO earnings until Top Up. Complete your A and B Directs and Top up them to start earning Binary and Directs points. Admin charges and TDS deduction 20 will be deducted from every point you earn.Contact 9001026100 Miss Sneha singhCORE grp mmbr n Master Franci. owner of Punjab state eeeeecccmailsunshine.shine80gmail.com1www.ecommercials.biz2www.6thsensecreation.com3www.sastaproperty.com4www.filmibox.com5www.kismatbazaar.biz POWER LAG AND TPOUP IDS AVAILABLE FOR M.P.,CHATTISGARH, RAJASTHAN AND PUNJAB STATES GOOD  LEADERS.........DONT MISS IT....     
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