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JOIN FOR RS.500- & EARN UNLIMITED, Visit www.saipragati.com, Earn 34 of your
Business Volume.
11 November, 2010
Total Views: 565
Name: P.K.Pradhan
Mobile No.: 9337545025
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Visit www.saipragati.com. and earn unlimited. This company owned land and sell & share among the investor.The company gives 140 profit to the land investors over a period of 24 Months as per the following tableIf an investor invests Rs. 1 lakhs towards land and signs a buy back agreement, then he will get Rs 2,40,000-1st month10,000-                        2nd month10,000-                               3rd month10,000-4th month10,000-                        5th month10,000-                                 6th month10,000-7th month10,000-                        8th month10,000-                                 9th month10,000-10th month10,000-                      11th month10,000-                              12th month10,000-13th month10,000-                       14th month10,000-                             15th month10,000-16th month10,000-                      17th month10,000-                              18th month10,000-19th month10,000-                      20th month10,000-                              21st month10,000-22nd month10,000-                     23rd month10,000-                              24th month10,000-Total Months 24 Total Return Rs 2,40,000- MINIMUM INVESTMENT AMOUNT IS RS.10000-,Once you become IBO, you can start your own business with us by referring people under you. By doing business you will be eligible to get the following returnsDirect Referral Bonus Here you will get 10 of the initial investment amount of the people referred by you. You can refer as many persons as you want under your tree directly.e.g. you refer an IBO, who invests 1lakh rupees to buy land product, you will get Rs. 10,000- instantly.Sponsorship Bonus You will get 10 of each monthly installment paid to your direct referrals who signs the buyback agreement. Sponsorship Bonus will fetch you to get monthly returns for 24months.e.g. you refer an IBO, who purchase land space worth Rs. 1lakh and signs buyback agreement, you will get Rs. 1000- every month for next 24months.Binary Income Binary In this plan you sponsor two people and the next person you sponsor will go underneath one of these two persons. Simultaneously people under you will also work in the same way and create great growth for you and your team. Also while you are creating IBO for your downline as they create their own, your upline is also putting new people underneath you all the time. You and your team will inspire to see that they are growing with literally no effort on their own.Binary Income Benefit You will get 10 of every 1lakh matching on both sides of your tree as binary income.e.g. On first 1lakh matching you will get Rs. 10,000- & It continues on every time it repeats. Your left side team gathered Rs. 10 lakh and your right side team gather Rs. 10 lakh, you will get binary income worth Rs. 1,00,000-.Royalty Benefit Royalty will be given to the Royalty Achievers as 10 of the entire company&rsquos turnover distributed equally among all qualifiers or Rs. 10,000- per month whichever is lower.Diamond Pool You will be honored for your continuous effort under Diamond Pool. To achieve the benefit and become Diamond Director you should reach a 50lakh level matching under your tree.Diamond Pool Benefit Achievers of Diamond Poll will get a share of 10 of entire company profit, which will be distributed among all Diamond Directors. YOU CAN BE INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER FOR REGISTRATION FEES OF RS.500-                                                                 AND CAN EARN UNLIMITED.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You are Independent Business Owner IBO of Sai Pragati. Earn 34 of your Business Volume. 
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