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   www.astorianindia.comwww.bestpricebid.comjoining ammount only 2499-  REFERRAL INCOMEBINARY INCOMESELF RELAY INCOMEMASTER RELAY INCOMEREPURCHASE INCOMEREWARDS INCOMEROYALTY INCOMEMRP PERCENTAGE SHARING INCOMESCHEMES INCOMEBIDDING INCOMEHOW ABPP WORKSABPP works by way of two plans 1.      Referral Plan2.      Repurchase PlanReferral PlanThe moment you don your new role as an Astorian, you are eligible to enjoy the benefits under Reference Plan. Multiple Sources of healthy income open up before you. Bringing more persons on the path to prosperity by introducing them to benefits of Astorian Traders Pvt Ltd. is all you have to do. The persons referred by you form your Group. Larger your Group becomes, higher become your returns. Apart from earning healthy and handsome remunerations through one&rsquos Group, every Astorian becomes eligible to enjoy incentives under Repurchase Plan also.In the Referral Plan the moment you or your referred Group introduces a total of six persons to the system in a pre defined manner you become eligible to an incentive of 1 RV Referral Volume1 RVRs.2080.00 40 Bids of BPS Network Pvt. Ltd.. After taking this incentive payout of 1 RV, you move ahead in the system to follow the person who referred you in the system and again in line to earn more incentives as RVs. Repurchase PlanThe desired commodities of life, ranging from swanky Mobiles, Stylish LCDs, and Refrigerators to Dream Cars could not be better and more economically availed before. Purchasing any ProductsServices you need and purchasing anything you fancy but find unaffordable can easily be acquired through BPS. ATPL is one of the authorized marketers for BPS Network Pvt. Ltd.&rsquos Bids.For the benefit of Astorians also called IBOs Independent Business Owners, ATPL has launched a business plan based on the BPS bids being purchased by them as a Group. Repurchase of BPS Bids which we call as BV Business Volume made by one&rsquos referred Group directly amounts to a healthy rise in the referrer Astorian&rsquos income returns as per the incentives under Repurchase Plan by the company. Here            50 BV                        1 PV Point Volume                  Counting the work done by One&rsquos group in any particular months in terms of PV Astorian has worked out an Incentive Plan. We have 5 levels depending upon the work done by the Group in that particular month as below     Level              PV   10                100   15                200   20                800   25               1500   30                2000   35                3000          So as to be eligible for this Repurchase Plan Benefits one has to do a minimum business of 2 PV or 100 BV in a month.How Repurchase Plan works can be made clear through the following example Suppose A is an Astorian and does a business of 60 PV in a particular month. He further refers two persons Band C into system who do a business of 50 & 100 PV in that month. Similarly B further refers D & E to Astorian Business Plan and they do a business of 200 &190 PV respectively in that month. C has a single referral F and having done a business of 200 PV in that month.        Thus PV Credits of all Astorians will be as under    A     60 PV of self 50 PV of B 100 PV of C 200 PV of D 190   PV of E 200 PV of F800 PV.   B    50 PV of self 200 PV of D 190 PV of E440 PV   C    100 PV of self 200 PV of F   D     200PV   E      190PV   F     200PV     Incentives Incentiveof &lsquoA&rsquo and its Group   ABBP asigns a value of Rs. 200 to one PV   Now since business ofA & its Group                                              800 PV   It is equivalent to 800x250                                                             Rs.200000.00   As per above table at 800 PVA&rsquos Group is at 20 level   So incentive of A&rsquos Group                                                    Rs. 40000 20 of 2, 00,000.00   Similarly Incentives of B and its Group   Total business of B & its Group is                                                    440 PV   Or                                                                                                     Rs. 110000   At 440 PV B&rsquos Group is at 15 level.   So incentive of B & its Group                                                       Rs. 16500 15 of 110000   Same way incentives of C & its Group    Total business of C & its group is                                                    300PV   Or                                                                                                     Rs75000   At 300 PVC,s group is at 15 level   So Incentive of C & its group                                                         Rs.1125015 of 75000   Net IncentiveROYALTY SCHEME Astorian Values the loyalty of its Dear Astorians towards the Company. In an effort to Acknowledge this loyalty & make them a part of company's growth announce a Royalty Scheme as per below given detailsCompany Club·         Criteria Self 3 Team members in Company Relay.2 from Power Leg 1 from other Legs.·         Spouse Kitty once every 3 months for spouses.ops for Children, twice an year.Company will share O.5 of its turnover amongst the Company Club members.Executive Club ·         Criteria 5 Members from team in Company Club plus 15 Level achievement in Repurchase Plan for 3 Months. 3 from Power Leg 2 from other Legs.Company will share O.5 of its turnover amongst the Executive Cub members. This will be over and above of 0.5 given in Company Club. Means in Executive Club The total sharing will be 1 of Company Turnover.Management Club ·         Criteria 20 Members from Team in Executive Club plus 35 Level achievement in Repurchase Plan for 3 Months 6 from Power Leg 4 from other Legs.Company will share 1.0 of its turnover amongst the Management Cub members. This will be over and above of 0.5 given in Company Club & 0.5 given in Executive Club. This means in Management Club the total sharing will be 2 of Company Turnover.General Terms·         Royalty income will be disbursed at the end of each quarter.·         At the end of the quarter the position of each Astorian will be checked and Royalty Income will accordingly be disbursed.·         The starting date for this is 01.07.2011. Means first disbursement will be as per the position on 30.09.2011.This supersedes all our earlier announced schemes                                                       REWARDS INCOME REWARD SCHEMEWe announce a Reward Scheme, to further boost your income from Astorian Business Promotion Plan ABPP. This Reward Scheme will be w.e.f. 01.06.2011Scheme Detail S.No No. of Pairs Completed Time Period     Days Reward 1 100 30 3 Gms Gold 2 250 60 Samsung Net Book NPN150 3 600 90 Honda Activa DLX 4 1800 120 Tata Nano  BS III 5 3000 180 Alto STD BS IV Non Metallic 6 5000 240 Indica  V2 &ndashDiesel- LE 7 10000 365 Honda City 1.5 E MT    call for top postion 09646981616.......     
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