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1. Register


>>> It is a crytocurrency that is communtiy-based Just like bitcoin (BTC)
>>>The program also allow investors to use bitcoin in their investment
>>> It has four ways of making cool daily cash from.

(1). Lending of your btc to the company for them to trade for you in the crypto coin market .
this is the investment part where you earn 20% to 40% based on the cryto-trading activities of the coin (BCC).

The Minimum investment here is $100 to 100,000 maximum investment

>>> when you invest 100$ with the company the investment period run for 299day
>>> you will earn a maximum interest of 1.50% plus daily which is equal to 1.50$ per day
>>> In a month you will earn a maximum interest of 1.50$ x 30days = 45$ per month .
>>> In 299days you will earn up to 1.50% x 299days = 448$
>>> At the end of any of your investment package , since you lend the money out to the company , it will be refunded back to you. Making it a total of minus OR plus 548$ *( just with 100$ )*
>>>❗this interest depends on what the company decays as their daily profit , sometimes it may be below or above 1.50%
>>> And you can also compound ( reinvest ) to increase your earnings faster by lending out whenever you earn $10.

(2.) Staking - You simply buy the coin (BCC) and you earn monthly interest on holding the coin in your BCC wallet and also since the coin is a crypto currency it increase in value

>>> You bought 1 BBC at the rate of 100$ , due to trading in the coin market the price the coin value can also increase from 100$ to 150$ , by so doing you have earn extra 50$ , this is how you can stake with BCC

(3.) Mining - since it is a cryto-coin (BCC) it is mined daily and you earn as the mined coin increases in value on the open crytocurrency market which you can view onhttps://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitconnect/

(4.) Bitconnect's referral program - You also get referrals commission when someone registered with your link.

>>> you earn deeply from your first (1st) to seven (3rd) generation referrals

*Bonus plan*

1st level = 5%
2nd level = 3%
3rd level =2%

>>> So u basically earn on your downlines first-time investments and other re-investments too!!!
>>>>E.g You refer someone who does $100, u earn $7 straight since the person will be on your first level
>>>Your referral then goes ahead to refer another person which then be on ur level 2 and u earn 3% of whatever that person invests in lending

So, imagine your referrals and indirect referrals daily re-investing as they earn daily!! *Let me leave that to you to calculate*

*Here is the 5 golden steps to getting started NOW!!*

1.Register with this link https://bitconnect.co/?ref=vijju143

2. Deposit Bitcoin on the bitconnect platform
3. Exchange the bitcoin to bitconnectcoin
4. Click on Lend bitconnect to start lending
5. Interest/Profits start rolling in daily.

*So what exactly does Bitconnect do to make us the daily returns*?

They are solely into bitcoin/USD trading!!!
That is why sometimes the daily earnings could be more that 1%, 2% and sometimes lower or none at all.
*That is why i decided to make it an average return of 1% daily*

*These are the short video guides to registering, funding, investing, reinvesting and withdrawals* - http://bit.ly/BCCfilesDPT

*The compounding excel sheet can be downloaded directly here too* - http://bit.ly/bccReinvestment

*Also watch bitconnect live presentation and how it work video* :- https://youtu.be/5bKUmWiK2gU

*pls feel free to drop ur questions as soon as u are done digesting it all* we are here to assist u tru!!!

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