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JOIN www.microgain.us FOR Rs.5
JOIN www.microgain.us FOR Rs.5
JOIN www.microgain.us FOR Rs.5
JOIN www.microgain.us FOR Rs.5
JOIN www.microgain.us FOR Rs.5
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30 April, 2013
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Name: USHA
Mobile No.: 9323869239
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 FREE JOINING OPTION IS ONLY OPEN UPTO 30thAPRIL-2013 Join With Us & Get Daily Rs.100 Fix Income Up-to 12 Month by LoginUr Account Rs.10, Reading E-Mail Rs.30, Clicking Ads Rs.30 & Referring your friends and relatives.SILVER PACKAGE FreeFREE JOINING OPTION IS ONLY OPEN UPTO 30th APRIL-2013You will receive daily income up-to 12 month. 100 deducted from your 1st month income.GOLDEN PACKAGE Rs.600You will receive daily income up-to 12 month. 50 deducted from your 1st month income. DIAMOND PACKAGE Rs.1200 You will receive daily income up-to 12 month. Only TDS will be deducted from your 1st month income. DAILY INCOME.Get Daily 10 Paid E-Mail 10 E-Mail x Rs.3 Rs.30Get Daily 10 Paid Ads 10 Ads x Rs.3 Rs.30Get Daily 10 Referral Income 10 Referral x Rs.3 Rs.30Get Daily 1 Time Login Income 1 Time x Rs.10 Rs.10 Daily Total Income Rs.100,Monthly Income Rs.100x 30 Rs.3000  Monthly Team Income. Level Team Team Income Income Income Rs 0 U 1 x 3000 3000 100 3000 1 10 10 x 3000 30,000 20 6000 2 100 100 x 3000 3 Lakh 10 30,000 3 1000 1000 x 3000 30 Lakh 5 1,50,000 4 10,000 10,000 x 3000 3 Corers 2 6,00,000 5 100,000 100,000 x 3000 30 Corers 1 30,00,000  HOW TO JOIN ? For more details about program visit- www.g-advertise.com After visit, if do you think the Program will Work Just get Registered FREE with us before 30th April Using MySponsor ID GAC79254382After 30th April join paying Registration Fee areRs.600 or Rs.1200.After Registration Note your Login ID and password. Now Login Ur ID but your ID shows Under Verification.Don&rsquot Worry Company will Call back you for Verification.AFTER VERIFICATION CALL FROM 25th April to 30th April- 2013 BY COMPANY YOUR WORK WILL  START.But you can build ur Network Team Under Verification Period.Don&rsquot wait  soon Start Sponsoring & make a big team before 30th April.FOR JOINING GO TO WWW.G-ADVERTISE.COM AND CLICK JOIN  AND ENTER THE SPONSOR ID AS GAC79254382AND FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SUBMIT AND NOTE UR LOGIN ID AND PASSWORD. 
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07 July, 2014
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06 July, 2014
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05 July, 2014
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