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Business NetworksOMT Business Investment Member BIM Fees  100 CreditsAccount Validity  12 WeeksOMT Product Reseller PR Registration Fees  2500 CreditsAccount Validity  51 WeeksOMT Service Resseller SR Registration Fees  2500 CreditsAccount Validity  51 WeeksOMT Business Senior Investment Member BSIM Registration Fees  Please call us for more details. Currency Conversion DetailsCredits  OMT Currency to trade Internationally.1 OMT Credit  0.22 USD1 OMT Credit  0.21 AUD1 OMT Credit  0.16 EUR1 OMT Credit  12 INR1 OMT Credit  0.13 GBPTo capture International market & make it easy for all the users World Wide , we use Credits & Credits are just the way we merchandise Internationally. My Lucre IncomeBynary Lucres 21 Pair 10 Once in 15 days.15 days Capping 7500 Credits.Referral Lucres 5 percent 5 credits referral. Immediate Referral Income.OMT Weekly Lucres 17 Credits per Week for continuously 12 weeksOMT Wonder Awards Regular gifts n awards for potential users. Instructions to BIMBynary Payout will be computed on 15th & 30th of every month. BIM needs to have 2 direct referral on both the wings & needs to have 21 or 12 BIM downline for the first time. Only after satisfying these two conditions BIM will be eligible for Bynary Bonus Credit Conversion Request Payout Request will be lifted on 10th, 20th, & 30th31st of every month. Credits Currency Rates may vary accordingly.Minimum ROI Wallet Request is 50 Credits .Minimum Trade Wallet Request is 100 Credits . 
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