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 Hii, FriendsToday I want to share with you some personal experiences about mlm industry. I have been into mlm since last few years. I have worked invested with many online companies but could not succeed. Most of the times the company which landed with tall promises disappears within a short span. That time I was not experienced and involvement with these types of companies has wasted my relationship with my friends and even relatives. Because the money generation part of these companies were not genuine and paying through money rotation.     But thank God, finally I have found a real concept with 100 super genuine source of earning.Introducing http://www.111clicks.com.The bap of all online money earning opportunities. The company generates cash through affiliate marketing system and then distributes to its affiliated members. If you are exactly not sure &ldquowhat is affiliate marketing is&rdquo, I request all of you to go to internet search engines and know more about it.The conceptIf you log in to yahoo.com or some other sites, most of the time a popup window comes up, offering discounts for electronic products free credit cards or offering travel related packages. We mostly ignore these type of pop-ups.But even if you ignore that one and closes down it that particular web site gets minimum Rs.0.30 per viewing. But if you become interested with the language and fill that pop-up form, that particular web site will receive minimum Rs.20.Now imagine how many visitors yahoo.com gets daily&hellip&hellip&hellip.Exactly the same way http://www.111clicks.com is having affiliation with number of advertisement companies and once you confirm your affilation, 111clicks.com starts sending advertisements through email or through the web site of its own.Money generation part is real and the web site having tracking system, which clarifies how many sign ups and advertisements you have clicked.You need to pay one time Rs.11,000- and follow the instructions as provided by the company. Your min. monthly earning would be 3,000-.As long as the company is alive, continue enjoying that earning.Since http://www.111clicks.com is able to generate real cash, then why the company should get down??????????                         If you people feel to know any more detail, kindly call me &ndash 8822944567.                If want to save money on phone call, just sms your location and name, I will give you callBut please don&rsquot request for any free ID or free top-up. Because this company is not a money circulation company. If you are serious you need to purchase your subscription by paying Rs.11,000- Happy Earning&hellip&hellip..N.B-This is not an investment plan. If you don&rsquot understand what is &ldquoAffiliate marketing&rdquo, please search through search engines like Google. 
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