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The Universal Private Banking is an international financial institution specializing in investment and wealth management that is launching the first worldwide bank in network marketing. When you register, you will have an opportunity to have a bank account with the exclusive UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING MASTERCARD delivered to your address and you can use it in more than 210 countries without restrictions, with the unique advantages of the Universal Fortune system. Cash Back &ndash Your balance is credited to your bonus account with up to 50.Cash Card &ndash Every time someone uses the Universal MasterCard, you earn a bonus. Cash Direct &ndash Every time you refer someone to open an account, you earn a bonus. Cash Universal &ndash You can earn a percentage of all of the accounts of the Universal Private Banking.Cash Unlimited &ndash Unlimited Bonus credited to your account daily. And you can withdraw without limit in more than 2.5 million ATMs in over 210 countries. CHOOSE YOUR UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING ACCOUNTSIMPLE &ndash Ideal for those wishing to have a presence online. You get 5 extra bonus in your account Bonus Cash Direct. Once your account reaches the minimum balance you receive your Universal MasterCard. PERSONAL - For you who want to start with all the benefits and advantages of the system UNIVERSAL FORTUNE 10 extra bonus on your account and all other bonuses available. BUSINESS &ndash For anyone who takes advantage of opportunities in a professional and want to get impressive results. You gain 30 extra bonus on your account and all the special advantages.UNIVERSAL &ndash For leaders of large companies that want to build a global network in over 210 countries available. With 40 extra bonus in your account and special bonuses on all networks.PRIVATE &ndash Only 50 leaders in each country can be part of this select group that receives 50 extra bonus on your own unique advantages.HOW IT WORKSo succeed in the network marketing opportunity UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING you only need invite two people. Here's how it works1. You register for FREE in the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING website,2. Receive your personal website and start building your network by inviting two friends. You can invite as many friends as you want. The more people you invite, the greater your network will be. 3. On JUNE 10 Monday will be the official launch date you can secure your position in the formation of the global binary network with a single payment of 20 twenty US dollars, you will be able to this until JUNE 14 Friday. 4. Starting on JUNE 17 Monday you will be able to open your account at the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING and begin to benefit from all the advantages of the UNIVERSAL FORTUNE system. 5. In 24 hours your online account will be active and you will be ready to make transactions. 6. In 10 business days you will receive on your address your UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING MASTERCARD in addition to the documentation of your account. 7. You will be able to withdraw your daily bonuses and make purchases in any ATM inHOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN - UNIVERSAL FORTUNEINDIVIDUAL EARNINGS 5 DIFFERENT BONUSES1. CASH BACK &ndash Special bonuses are credited to your account, according to the account type you choose - 10, 30, 40 or 50 at the end of 12 months. Account Types SIMPLES &ndash 5 bonus credited to your account PERSONAL - 10 bonus credited to your account. BUSINESS - 30 bonus credited to your account. UNIVERSAL - 40 bonus credited to your account. PRIVATE - 50 bonus credited on your account. 2. CASH CARD - Every time the UNIVERSAL MASTERCARD is used for withdrawals and purchases by any affiliate, of any team, anywhere in the world, a percentage of the of the amount is credited in bonus to you, and you will be paid according to your account type 20 is split between all PERSONAL accounts, 30 is split between all BUSINESS accounts, 40 is split between all UNIVERSAL accounts and 10 is split between all PRIVATE accounts. 3. CASH DIRECT &ndash Every time you refer someone directly, you will earn a bonus on every account opened, and you will be paid according to the account type. SIMPLE Account &ndash You earn 5 in extra bonus in your account. PERSONAL Account - You earn 25 in extra bonus in your account. BUSINESS Account - You earn 100 in bonus to your account. UNIVERSAL Account - You earn 1,000 in bonus to your account. PRIVATE Account - You earn 2,000 in bonus to your account. 4. CASH UNIVERSAL - All UNIVERSAL accounts share 1 monthly of all of the first deposits in all of the accounts opened at the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING. 5. CASH PRIVATE - accounts share 1 monthly of all of the first deposits in all of the accounts opened at the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING. EARNINGS PER TEAM 5 DIFFERENT BONUSES CASH UNLIMITED When you refer two people to open accounts, one on your right leg and one on your left leg, you will be eligible to infinite earnings of the Global Binary Network personal and overflow. Each time an account is opened directly or indirectly on your right leg and on your left leg, you will get a bonus according to the pairs completed. 1. Pair of SIMPLE accounts - You earn 10 up to the maximum earnings of 100 daily 2. Pair of PERSONAL accounts - You earn 20 up to the maximum earnings of 500 daily 3. Pair of BUSINESS accounts &ndash You earn 80 up to the maximum earnings of 16,000 daily 4. Pair of UNIVERSAL accounts - You earn 800 up to the maximum earnings of 30,000 daily 5. Pair of PRIVATE accounts - You earn 1,500 up to the maximum earnings of 50,000 daily 6. You earn a residual of 0.40 up to level 6 of your personal network for each account opened. See the example of earnings if you invite 5 friends who invite 5 friends.  Monthly Residual Earnings.ADVANTAGES1. Earnings 100 guaranteed by an international financial institution. 2. Individual earnings generated daily. 3. Team Earnings generated daily. 4. Earnings deposited daily into your UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING account. 5. No selling or recruiting required. 6. You can withdraw daily without any limit. 7. International Bank Account. 8. International MasterCard without restrictions. 9. Our System is 100 online. 10. No monthly fees. 11. Unlimited Growth. 12. 100 of our customers multiply their fortunes. To receive all the presented bonuses you must publish on the internet one Ad daily, Monday through Friday, advertising the Universal Private Banking. You can just share your link with your friends on Facebook and you will be all set, your daily task will have been completed.Go to the website httpwww.uprivatebanking.comRSYNY1976
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