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      DARWIN PLATFORM INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED   ,  , 09814820976  SANJAYWELCOME TO" DARWIN PLATFORM GROUP OF COMPANIES "FOR YOUR BRIGHT CARRIER  09814820976A Great career and businessOpportunityfor Details call me   SANJAY  09814820976 www.darwinpgc.net   http://www.darwinpgc.netDarwin Platform Mass Media Limited DPMMLDarwin Platform Infrastructure Limited DPILDarwin Platform Gold & Mining Limited DPGMLDarwin Platform Airline limited DPISAL INDO SWISS DARWIN PLATFORM CAPITAL LIMITEDDARWIN PLATFORM POWER LIMITEDARWIN PLATFORM1 NEWS LIMITEDD Now Darwin platform infrastructure limitad launched its profite sharing programme in which you can make a bright carrier of yours with corporate------------------you can earn here  Growth OppurtunityHow To Join?Minimum investment 10,000 rs or multiple 1000 rs for account opening fee.Only one ID is allowed for an individual. PAN card is must for every one.TOP UP--is allowed any time, upto any limit, minmum10,000 or multiple.Tenure of Investment is 5 years.Annual Profits on investment &bull9 p m for first 12 months&bullThen 7 p m for next 12 months&bullThen 5 pm for next 12months&bullThen 3 pm for next 12 months&bullThen 1.5 pm for next 12 monthsTrimming is applicable on different slabs of commissions1..If your commision cross the limit of 5 lacs per month 10 trimming applied2..15 trimming if commision cross 15 lacs per month on 1 ID.3..CAPPING IS APPLICABLE AT 30 LACS PER MONTH ON EACH ID.4..ACTIVE STATUS--for regular level commision each distributor need to5..sponsor atleast one direct ID in each quarter.6..Royalty For Advisory Board&bullTo get elgible for this board you need to achieve the capping limit for your ID and minimum matching business of 10 cr in a month. Terms & ConditionsPayouts and Profits are paid on monthly basis.All the commission will follow all the RBI Guidelines, Income Taxand CBDT tax Laws for payout of commission & Interest.Matching Has to be done at the least Minimum level to get the rewards.
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