सावधान: यहाँ से MLM डेटाबेस, क्लॅसीफाइड्स, न्यूज़, बिल्कुल फ्री है. इसका कोई चार्ज नहीं है, हमारा कोई एजंट नहीं है. हमारी कोई दूसरी वेबसाइट नहीं हे. कोई भी आपको हमारे नामसे एडवरटाइजिंग की बात करे तो पहले हमसे संपर्क करे. MLM डायरी के नाम से कोई लेनदेन करने से पहले कृपया हमसे बात करे. 8866409933
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 SurveyIndia.usYour Views are Important to Everyone Note - You Can Get Survey without  top up your id also  if u invest only 400 then u earn Rs.500 weekly  after 6 weeks u have to top up Rs.3000-from your ewallet then u paid member and enjoy all the income BINARY DIRECT REWARDS AND alongwith SURVEY INCOME 44 WEEKS   LEADERS PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TO SEARCHING THE NEW PLAN AND SUPPORT YOUR POOR COLLUEGES AND FRIENDS TO ACHIEVE THE MONTHLY PAID SURVEY INCOME Rs.2000- EACH AND EVERY WHO LOST HIS HARD EARN INCOME IN ANY PLAN WITH U PLEASE HELP THEM AND TEACH THEM TO HOW FILL THE SURVEY ON TIME BCZ ONLY A WEEK TIME IS GIVING TO FILL THE SURVEY , THIS IS ALL LEADER RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP THEM IF ALL PENELIST FILL HIS SURVEY ON TIME THEN COMPANY SUBMIT ALL THE OPENION DATA TO MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES ON TIME THEN THEY WILL RELEASE PAYMENT ON TIME   COMPANY GOING TO SETUP A CALL CENTRE VERY SOON FOR PRESSURISED TO EVERY ONE TO FILL THE SURVEY ON TIME INDIA'S BIG SURVEY COMPANY .  START 15 MAY  >>>JUST Rs. 400 . 4 TYPES OF INCOME   PLAN DETAILS -   1 WEEKLY 1 SURVEY Rs.500   MONTHLY    4 SURVEY 500X4 Rs.2000 FIX  INCOME   2 BINARY INCOME Rs. 500   3 DIRECT INCOME Rs.250 4 LIFE TIME REWARDS  BIG BONANZA    LIFE TIME REWARD7TH MAY TO 31ST MAY                    NO TIME  Subscription Fee Rs. 3400-Rs. 400- for life time registration, Rs. 3000- for Survey, Account setup cost You can register yourself by paying only Rs. 400-. After upgrade your ID by paying only Rs. 3000- you get survey.Survey Time - Starting Time Every Tuesday on 800 P.M.Ending Time Every Monday on 1159 P.M. Survey Income - For every topic you get 5 reward point. There are two topics in a weekly survey. You get 10 reward point for a survey i.e. Rs. 500- weekly.You get survey for 44 weeks.Referral Income - When you refer a member to the company you get Rs. 250-. You can refer unlimited members. Binary Income - You get Rs. 500 per pair i.e. 1st 21 or 12 1 pair, after than 11 1 pair. Capping 100 pairs weekly i.e. Rs. 50,000 weekly. Power leg carry forward. Note - I.   For Survey your joining should be up to 1159 P.M., Tuesday. Then you get survey on Wednesday at 800 P.M.II.  When you complete your 40 reward point for survey, you can transfer your income in your my account.III. When you request your payment you get your money within 10 working days in your bank account. Deduction is 15 i.e. 10.30 for TDS and 4.70 for administration chargeIV.  For Binary Income your one left and one right referral are must.V.  Binary and referral closing date is every Saturday 1159 P.M. You can see your income on Sunday at 1000 AM. in your my account.VI. When you complete your 1st Binary pair i.e. 21 or 12 you get a tour package for 4 days and 3 nights in Asia for a spouse with two childs under 8 years. You get lodging free and for fooding Rs. 2000- only with Reebok wrist watch and air bag. You get your tour package coupon within 10 days after completing your 1st pair. Tour package validity is for 1 year.VII. One Reward point Rs.50-    REWARDS- S. No Points Next Rewards Decription 1. 15 Points Mobile 2. 125 Points Laptop 3. 300 Points Bike 4. 700 Points Plazma TV 5. 1,500 Points Alto 6. 4,000 Points Spark 7. 8,000 Points Scorpio 8. 15,000 Points Flat 9. 50,000 Points Audi 1 Point 1 Pair.  PLEASE CONTACTS IMMEDIATE FOR STATE WISE AND DIST WISE LEADERS FOR BIG SUPPORT OF POWER LEG AND PLAN DETAILS Mr, Richguide 08797592484   and Ahmad Raza 9263724773 beginoftheskypehighlighting            9263724773      endoftheskypehighlighting beginoftheskypehighlighting            9263724773      endoftheskypehighlighting Email zdanerazagmail.com 
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