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 FRIENDS 1ST TIME IN OUR COUNTRY Friends Its a US & SINGAPORE based company launches 1st time in our country with big package ,, they offers us a 100 profit and a unique way to earn a lots of money They offers product,Monthly Return,Survey,direct,binary,Spill,Award,Mobile Recharge,secure polices etc. for details contact me Don't miss this unique opportunity  I can say in my word "CHOTA HAI BUT DAM HAI" WATCH THIS BUSINESS PLAN   JOINING PACKAGE Rs. 3300- Rs 300- Registration fee included into joining package   Reebok Watch   Bio Magnetic Brasslet OR INCOME TYPE   1.Monthly Return -11  Point Bonus 36 Month 22 Total Bonus Point 2.Survey Income - 11   Point Bonus    36 Month 3. Binary Income - 500- Rs Note - 2 Sponser is Compulasary In Binary Income   Daily Income 30 Pair Rs 500- Binary Income Rs 15000-   Per 10 days Income 10 Days 300 pair x 500-Rs Binary Income Rs 1,50,000-   Per Month Income 30 Days 900 Pair x 500- Binary Income Rs 4,50,000-   4.Spill Over Income  - 13 5.Monthly Mobile Recharge -Rs.  100- for 18 Month 6.Award & Reward  Click here to see award rewards 7.Franchisee Income 25-Pin - Purchase Star-Franchisee 50- Rs 50-Pin-  Purchases Gold Franchisee 110- Rs  250-Pins  Purchase Diamond Franchisee -  250-Rs  8. Leadership turn over fund income 3 - 12 9.Leader secure  fund & Policies 10.Renewal income     hurry dont miss this unique opportunity   Contact Person- Subhajit Bhattacharyya                                            Phone No-09002286300                                                            email subhajit.bhattacharyya91gmail.com                                   
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