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Super 2 x 7 Forced Matrix Early Registration

Are you ready to invest just Rs.200 to earn Lakh in a month or two or three? If you can afford Rs.200 then you can join. Otherwise please don't join us. We don't want YOU. We don't want inactive member. This is NOT For YOU! Close this page and go to some other website.

First of all, this system is 100% legal and 1000% successful. This is not a Scam or Fraud way of making Money. You are paying the money and get back a webpage in your name + Ten Thousand of worth of E-Books and Softwares + Advertising Credits. This system of making money is very simple than any other system in the Internet. You can see the result in less than 10 days.

Let me explain you this simple, powerful business concept.

First of all, your entry Level cost is Rs.200/-. If you think to invest Rs.200/- for this system, then let me tell you one thing, this amount can get you only 2 cinema tickets + 2 pop corns. If you want to become a Lakhpati you can skip one Sunday movie. By next month Sunday you will go to the movie in the car.
For this Rs.200, you will get "Internet Related E-books + Softwares" + “Advertising Credits” which worth's more than Rs.5,000.

Simple calculation "How you can be a "Lakhpati”

(Read this calculation to understand)

Membership Level 1: 2 members (your 1st tier downlines) pay Rs.200 each for Membership Level 1. Your Income Rs.200 X 2=Rs.400. You have to Pay Rs.400 for 2nd Level activation.
So, Your 1st Level Income Rs.400 - Rs.400 = Rs.00

Membership Level 2: 4 members (your 2nd tier downlines) pay Rs.400 each for Membership Level 2. Your Income Rs.400 X 4 = Rs.1600. You have to Pay Rs.800 for 3rd Level activation.
So, Your 2nd Level Income Rs.1600 - Rs.800 = Rs.800

Membership Level 3: 8 members (your 3rd tier downlines) pay Rs.800 each for Membership Level 3. Your Income Rs.800 X 8 = Rs.6400. You have to Pay Rs.1600 for 4th Level activation.
So, Your 3rd Level Income Rs.6400 - Rs.1600 = Rs.4800

Membership Level 4: 16 members (your 4th tier downlines) pay Rs.1600 each for Membership Level 4. Your Income Rs.1600 X 16 = Rs.25600. You have to Pay Rs.3200 for 5th Level activation.
So, Your 4th Level Income Rs.25,600 - Rs.3200 = Rs.22400

Membership Level 5: 32 members (your 5th tier downlines) pay Rs.3200 each for Membership Level 5. Your Income Rs.3200 X 32 = Rs.102400. You have to Pay Rs.6400 for 6th Level activation.
So, Your 5th Level Income Rs.1,02,400 - Rs.6400 = Rs.96000

Membership Level 6: 64 members (your 6th tier downlines) pay Rs.6400 each for Membership Level 6. Your Income Rs.6400 X 64 = Rs.409600. You have to Pay Rs.12800 for 7th Level activation.
So, Your 6th Level Income Rs.4,09,600 - Rs.12800 = Rs.396800

Membership Level 7: 128 members (your 7th tier downlines) pay Rs.12800 each for Membership Level 7. Your Income Rs.12800 X 128 = Rs.1638400.
Here is completed your levels so this is all Income only for you.

Your Total Income is 800 + 4,800 + 22,400 + 96,000 + 3,96,800 +16,38,400= Rs.21,59,200

With investment of only Rs.200. You can too become a Lakhpati.
Total, you can earn up to Rs.21,59,200 (Twenty one lac fifty nine thousand two hundred only) with This system.

What do you think that this concept will Work? And can I be a Lakhpati?
For more details call me-:09494557847,08341868080
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