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 mlm market me dhamaka, sirf 500 rupees ka joining or daily 4000 ka caping , free joining ke liye call 7383633811 Join Today Login Home Company Legal Documents Products Business Plan Support Contact Us Our Banker  PrevNext123456                 Plan joining amount Rs 500-First incomeFirst pair 21 or 12200, there after 11 1 pair.Daily Payment systemDaily caping 4000Monthly income 120000Per pair 20020 pair 40002nd Pair Income binary pay out is 200 Rs compulsory deposited in company growth fund7th Pair Income binary pay out is 200 Rs compulsory deposited in company growth fund14th Pair Income binary pay out is 200 Rs compulsory deposited in company growth fundFirst 15 days after deductions 40 from your payoutOn each binary payout is deduction will be 40.Second incomeComplete your deductions product priceSecond pair binary payout 1000 compulsory deposited incompany growth fund and your id will be going to pool.First pair 21 or 121000, there after 11 1 pair.Daily pay out 10005 pair 5000Daily caping 5000Monthly income 150000 Third income   Pair Match Petrol Allowance Login Allowance Position 1 315 500 Rs 1 Rs per pair Trainer 2 630 700 Rs 2 Rs per pair S R Trainer 3 1260 900 Rs 3 Rs per pair Manager 4 2520 1100 Rs 4 Rs per pair Branch Manager 5 5040 1300 Rs 5 Rs per pair Sr Branch Manager 6 10080 1500 Rs 10 Rs per pair Area manager Condition ApplyFourth incomeRoyalty achievers incomeCompany global turn over 1 royalty income250 Pair > You are Silver pin Achiever500 Pair > You are Gold pin Achiever750 Pair > You are Platinum pin Achiever1500 Pair > You are Ruby pin Achiever3000 Pair > You are Founder Distributer pin Achiever6000 Pair > You are Founder Ruby Distributer pin Achiever10000 Pair > You are Diamond pin Achiever Fifth income Repurchase incomeAll distributer 0.5 to 20 discount You team volume get the commissionYou get the commission per month  You & Your Team Business Volume Percentage of Commission Commission of Rupees Left Side Team Right Side Team   1500 1500 3000 3 90 3000 3000 6000 6 360 6000 6000 12000 9 1080 12000 12000 24000 12 2880 24000 24000 48000 15 7220 48000 48000 96000 18 17280 96000 96000 1,92,000 21 40320 1,92,000 1,92,000 3,84,000 24 92,160 3,84,000 3,84,000 7,68,000 27 2,07,360 7,68,000 7,68,000 15,36,000 30 4,60,800 You are achieve maximum percentage of commission only 30 of Business Volumn 15,36,000 only. Your Business Volumn 20,00,000 up but your commission of Rupees only 4,60,800. This is a ceiling limit of one ID Business volumn matching is compulsory. Re-Purchase Income commission pay out is per month relish of 1 to 7 date.Sixth incomeRe-purchase royalty income You can achieve 5 percentage of commission on Business Volumn 15,36,000.Life time royalty Rs. 76,800.Seventh income Pool income Eighth incomeSave Daughter Mission Independent successful business Mart Pvt. Ltd. also include in social activities like Save Daughter Mission - in which Independent successful business Mart Pvt. Ltd. provide Rs 1000 to its registered distributor on birth of baby girl in their house. Ninth income Every Distributor in company is died as naturally or accidently so every month his family gets Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000 Cash as company grow.Tenth income Xyz amount 3 points 300 points mobile cash 900 points laptopcash 2700 points splendorcash 8100 points alto carcash 24300 points swift car cash 72900 points Honda city cash 218700 points skoda Octaviacash 656100 points Mercedes cash 1968300 points 50 lakh cash 5904900 points 1 crore 10.33 government tax deduction in your daily income7.17 service charge   Terms and Condition 1 MAKE ALL THE PAYMENT IN COMPNY ACCOUNT INDEPENDENT SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MART PVT. LTD. IDBI BANK LTD, MEMNAGAR AHMEDABAD 0085102000025300 2 ANY DISTRIBUTOR WHO IS NOT HAVING PAN CARD NO THEN DEDUCTION WILL BE 20 FROM HIS EVERY PAYOUT. 3 DAILY FUND TRANSFER IN YOUR ACCOUNT IF NOT HAVING IDBI ACCOUNT THEN RS 5 WILL BE CHARGED 4 If Company found in any tree or group where multiple hits in binary income So in that particular group company having fully right to additional deductiontrimming 5 to 50 from his every payout The additional deductiontrimming amount is reflecting in payment report. 5 Company have rights on credited money which is in company groth fund. 6 "Pay-Out" of company growth fund would not be return. 7 The deduction which is credited as product will be given as product not as money. 8 Company will decide when to give pool income and award income. 9 Joining amount rupees 500 would be non refundable. 10 If Natural death , ninth income would be calculate only for one id. 11 For taking death benefit from your first income 2,7,14 must be deducted of 600 rs from complsory company groth fund. 12 Death benefit of company groth fund will be shared equially 1 .minimum to minimum 500 rs to 50,000 rs will be given every month. 13 For Petrol allownce folloing conditions should be applied After finished no of Pair Pair daily complsory New pair only.Powerleg will not be calculated. 315 5 630 10 1260 15 2520 20 5040 25 10080 30 If you are coming in this crieteria then and then you got petrol allownce and login allowance. 14 The person whose age is more than 45 years, he will not get profit of death benefit. 15 This profit is worth full only up to 5 years of joining. If person dies after 5 years of joining, he will not getting profit of death benefit. 16 Selected Product could not be exchanged with other product in any circumstance. 17 If any customer wants to change hisher I.D. with Other Person the new personBeneficiary will get 50 Less Binary payout for life time. 18 In any circumstance customer wants to transfer I.D., Customer have to pay Transfer I.D. fees to company. Fees will be calculated Rs.20- per down line I.D.  Home         Company         Legal Documents         Products         Re-Purchase Products         Business         Support         Contact Us         Our BankerAll Rights Reserved. 
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