सावधान: यहाँ से MLM डेटाबेस, क्लॅसीफाइड्स, न्यूज़, बिल्कुल फ्री है. इसका कोई चार्ज नहीं है, हमारा कोई एजंट नहीं है. हमारी कोई दूसरी वेबसाइट नहीं हे. कोई भी आपको हमारे नामसे एडवरटाइजिंग की बात करे तो पहले हमसे संपर्क करे. MLM डायरी के नाम से कोई लेनदेन करने से पहले कृपया हमसे बात करे. 8866409933
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=== Become a Manager in Indian MNC MLM in Pre-Launch ===
»Starting from India to 20 countries, sign up only Self starter, self motivated, independent leaders from all states in India and SriLanka, Singapure, Dubai.

===The Company===
» Parent Company, Fuji Chemicals Ltd, Japan, Established in 1946.9cvnfr
» Subsidiary Cos. AstaReal USA $ AstaReal Sweden and research partner Upsala University Sweden.
» Indian partner Co. Started in 2000. 15 Years in Traditional Marketing and Contract Manufacturing for MLM and pharma companies.

===The Product===
» The King of highest natural antioxidant and the 1st company in the world to commercially produce highest natural antioxidant from Haematococcus pluvialis.
» 120+ approved clinical trial reports of each listed diseases/symptoms(not fake testimonials) and Highly demanding in 30+ countries and 25+ years traditional market..
» Several comparison test available with various herbal/vitamin products.
» Monopoly, global patented, preventive and anti ageing 100% Veg. Herbal Product with WHO/ISO/FSSAI/GMP/Global Awards.
» Global FDI/GMP/ISO certified/standard own factories in India and own R&D team with Global Patented 100's of Products.
» 100's of patent pending products and started 2 more subsidiary co. in sports medicine and oncology.

===Business Plan===
» Binary-Sunflower unique dynamic plan for easy achievement.
» Only 2 direct referrals required to achieve TOP rank (No need to wait for consecutive 4 weeks Rank/BV holding)
» 1,900/- , 6,000/- and 19,000/- 3 type of packages
» 30,000/- 5,00,000/- and 18,00,000/- Lakhs Ceiling per week.
» 10% , 12% and 15% Binary Pay Out and 5% direct referral and repurchase will be Rs.1,500/- only for all ranks and Rs.1 to 1BV.
» 9 types of income and any time upgradation and lot of seasonal offers, rewards etc...

===Unique Highlights===
» Expecting to become a Fortune 500 Co. with in 3 to 5 years and grow with the co. & be a part of it.
» Indian's are getting an opportunity to do business from India to other countries.
» Easy achievable plan in the industry, required only 2 leaders to achieve TOP RANK and minimum 1 each in both side compulsory.

===FREE Pre-engollment and TOP ID to Become a Founding Member & Manager in the FIRST Month===
» 100% legally approved products and registered in all Indian legal authorities.
» The Equal opportunity, harmony at business, eco-friendly, transparent nutraceutical company in India.
» Taken office in Dubai, SriLanka and Singapore to start in few months.
» Planning 4 regional offices in Delhi / Kolkata / Mumbai / Chennai based on the business volume.
» Stock points will be issued in all major cities (only one in each city).
» 100% legally approved products and registered in all Indian legal authorities.
» To become a founding member and Fortuner get TOP ID,
» First 100 Manager will be invited to the Company and
trained by the Company


Wishing you a healthy wealthy happy life and a great fortune ...
CONTACT- 07869790722
WHATS UP- 09981259505
visit - pugoskings.blogspot.in

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