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• No.1 Plan with 5 type of income. (First come first serve based system)
• Binary Closing weakly every Saturday.
• Travling Fund Closing every last day of the month.
• Reward Closing every last day of the month.

Id activation: through below mention PV
1PV = 1100rs = 2000 Pr DAY
2PV = 2200rs = 4000 Pr DAY
3PV = 3300rs = 6000 Pr DAY
5PV = 5500rs = 10000 Pr DAY
10PV = 11000rs = 20000 Pr DAY
1) PV Matching 8%
a. Left and right Active Sponsor is must.
b. First pair income 1:2 or 2:1
c. 2nd and above 1:1

2) Travling Fund on DIRECT SPONSOR BUSSINESS (* condition apply)
a. 2PV ---- 200 X 18 Months*
b. 4PV ---- 400 X 18 Months*
c. 7PV ---- 600 X 18 Months*
d. 11PV ----1000 X 18 Months*
e. 16PV ----1500 X 18 Months*
f. 21PV ----2000 X 18 Months*
g. 30PV ----2800 X 18 Months*
h. 40PV ----3800 X 18 Months*
i. 50PV ----4500 X 18 Months*
j. 75PV ----7000 X 18 Months*
k. 100PV ----10000 X 18 Months*
l. 120PV ----11000 X 18 Months*
m. 150PV ----14000 X 18 Months*
n. 175PV ----17000 X 18 Months*
o. 200PV ----19000 X 18 Months*

3) Pre-Launch Rewards (PV matching is compulsory)
a. 10PV = Silver Coin and Lunch Party IN 3star Hotel.
b. 20PV = 3000 Cash.
c. 30PV = VIVO 4G Mobile.
d. 50PV = 5GM GOLD COIN.
e. 100PV = GOA TOUR 3Days and 2 nights.
f. 150PV= Thailand Tour.

4) Magic pool income

(Qualification 10 PV direct Business)

a. L1-=500
b. L2-=1000
c. L3-=1500
d. L4-=2000
e. L5-=2500
f. L6-=3000
g. L7-=3500
h. L8-=4000
i. L9-=4500
j. L10-=5000
k. L11-=5500
l. L12-=6000
m. L13-=6500
n. L14-=7000

5) Direct override bonus: 10%

93155-73166 .
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