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 WWW.PAYUMAGIC.COM SPONSAR ID SK28999The smoothest way to recharge mobiles, DTH & Data Cards in India. PayUMagic Recharge WalletIntroducing Give Help & Get HelpAll transactions on PayUMagic are powered by the PayUMagic Recharge Wallet. Adding money to your wallet lets you pay for your services and recharges in just one click. Its an automatic blessing system where you can Give Help to others & in Return blessed with the GET HELP. Learn How to be get BLESSED from the comfort of your home.   The Best Way to Get Help is to Give It   Now in all honestly, who better than a social worker to know the importance of gratitude?   There are wonderful messages of gratitude from writing hand written &lsquothank you&rsquo notes to going out of your way to assist a colleague who lost their job find a new job. One does this because one wants to, not because one has to. Gratitude must be sincere.     &ldquoAppreciation is the one thing that should never be scaled or automated. If you&rsquore truly grateful why not take the time to personally express your gratitude in a heartfelt, genuine way?&rdquo     &ldquoPick a person who has helped you. Pick a person who has made a difference in your life. Pick someone you haven&rsquot thanked or haven&rsquot thanked properly. Then make gratitude a verb. Share it. Deliver it. Express your appreciation, sincerely and openly.&rdquo        PayUMagic.com   How it works? Take Control of Your Finances by Registering at with Rs.1100- & become a Doner. We will welcome you to PayUMagic Team on your registration by pouring you with Rs.200- in your Recharge Wallet.   Whom to help & How to help? No need of any worries, this is not like other helping systems. Its an assured GIVE & TAKE HELP system where you need not have to pay to the receiver's account. The system will route your Help to the Receiver automatically & instantly.   Rs. 200.00 Recharge Wallet, Rs. 900.00 against recharge software Also this Rs.800.00 for Help somebody through Company and Rs. 100.00 Admin charges to company   What we get when we give? The Magical benefit system will give you back your blessings as Give Help Intervals Send Help to Donor Amount Step to Get Magic Help Get Magic Help From Donor Amount JOINING TOPUP 1 x 1100.00 1100.00             1ST MAGIC 1 x 800 800.00 AFTER 1ST MAGIC YOU HAVE TO REFER 2 DIRECTS IN YOUR BOTH SIDE I.E. 1 LEFT & 1 RIGHT       2ND MAGIC 2 x 800 1600.00       3RD MAGIC 3 x 800 2400.00 GIVE HELP 2 x 1000.00 2000.00             4TH MAGIC 4 x 800 3200.00       5TH MAGIC 5 x 800 4000.00 GIVE HELP 3 x 1000.00 3000.00             6TH MAGIC 6 x 800 4800.00       7TH MAGIC 7 x 800 5600.00 GIVE HELP 4 x 1000.00 4000.00             8TH MAGIC 8 x 800 6400.00       9TH MAGIC 9 x 800 7200.00 GIVE HELP 5 x 1000.00 5000.00             10TH MAGIC 10 x 800 8000.00       11TH MAGIC 11 x 800 8800.00 TOTAL GIVE HELP   15100.00 TOTAL GET HELP   52800.00   What&rsquos the assurance of success in this system? The benefit system structure is well designed as not to fail at any moment supported by the EMI system. Every registered member will have to Give Help at the prescribed intervals so as to emphasise on the active participation in the revolutionary concept of Give & Get Help.   Don't be worried, you will not have to pay it from your pocket. It will be automatically get deducted from your benefit wallets.   Note Without the Give Help at above intervals, you will not be promoted to Get Help in Next Magic Levels.     Recurring Recharge Bonus     After 1 Magic Box, Refer 2 persons to the system & Get the Recurring Recharge Bonus of Rs.100- per month for 8 months.           Are you worried about a friend? You can make a difference by just referring your friends to this revolutionary benefit system & get rewarded by the referral system.   Direct Referral Bonus       Rs.200- for every direct referral.     Matching Referral Bonus       Rs.200- for every Matching Referral Pair.    
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