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Misti Vedik Life Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan: A Comp Plan As Innovative As Our Product

It’s time for a change of pace. It’s time for The MISTI EXPERIENCE.

1.The founders of Misti Vedik Life have designed their compensation plan from the ground up. They took the best elements from a variety of plans, and then added innovative new twists. The result of this combination is our Plan, a unique approach that pushes far beyond the best plans from the past. It is, in short, the most lucrative and balanced plan ever developed.

2. In addition, the Misti Vedik Life Comp Plan provides a large range of special benefits for achieving certain levels of performance. These include Level Income, a truly balanced royalty, and even a luxury car.


Pack 1 – Rs 1500 : Product – Himbliss Sugarfree or Health Checkup Card : PV: 1

Pack 2 – Rs 3000 : Product – 1 Himbliss Sugarfree + 1 Health Checkup Card : PV: 2

Pack 3 – Rs 6000 : Product – 2 Himbliss Sugarfree + 2 Health Checkup Card : PV:3

1. Group Matching Income:

When you use our products and share the benefits with your loved ones and they also enroll themselves with Misti Opportunity, you earn Group Sale Matching commission as below.

You earn Rs 250 as commission as soon as you get 1 points in one group and 1 point in other group. Depending on your Joining Pack you can earn upto Rs 100000 per week. This way you can earn Rs 400000 in a month from Group Sale Matching commission on 1 ID.

2. Rewards:

Earn fast track and lifetime based rewards upto Rs 1 crore while building your team. A bonus for all.

3. Retail Income:

Once you become an associate of Misti Vedik Life Ltd by purchasing any joining pack product, you are entitled to get upto 33% discount off MRP from next purchase onwards. You can retail the product to your neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc and earn an immediate retail profit.

4. Uni-Level Repurchasing Income:

Once you have learned Misti Business System and built your group, sales get generated by them regularly by purchasing the product at discounted rate for self consumption or retailing. You as an Independent Business Owner get residual commission every month due to this. Constantly educating and motivating your group builds a legacy for your family. The Misti Compensation Plan is unique where you get earnings even upon sale of a single product within your enrolled group. No sale matching, no differential condition just plain simple earnings per product sale within the group as per the chart below. Thus Single Group Income is possible in Misti.

5.Global Royalty:

People who follow the business SYSTEM as designed by the company and help develop their group; duplicate the system, make people qualify ranks and educate can earn huge income every month from company turnover by qualifying higher ranks.

6. Luxary Car Bonus:

We have created a pool for Leader. We take out a percentage of total company CV sale generated in a month. This bonus is based on sale made in your group based on enroller tree. If you achieve the monthly sale from your team then you are eligible to receive Luxury Car Bonus every month as per your rank.

7. House Bonus:

We have created a pool for Leaders. We take out a percentage of total company CV sale generated in a month. This bonus is based on sale made in your group based on enroller tree. If you achieve the monthly sale from your team then you are eligible to receive House Bonus every month as per your rank.

8. Rank Bonus:

Misti Compensation Plan offers you an opportunity to earn in many ways. One of the way is by earning Rank Advancement Bonus. Total sale in your sponsor tree is counted on accumulated basis and helps in achieving your rank. One person can earn total Rs 65 lacs as Rank Bonus.

9. Family Holydays:

After a long hard day of work, one needs refreshment and enjoyment. Enjoy the income and the luxuries that come with it at Misti. Black Diamond and above people when maintain their rank get a fully paid holiday trips for you and your family in India and Abroad.

for more information and source:http://mistivediklife.com/?page_id=1112

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