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A Genuine Company Launched in this Country Nepal, Bangladesh ,India , Sri Lanka , Bhutan , Indonesia , Iraq , Singapore , Turkey , Syria , Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Mongolia, Hong Kong and Uzbekistan. Sponcer Id 25141  Power Leg Place Under 25141  Right Link http://www.sikornetwork.comUserRegistration.aspx  www.sikornetwork.comKirit Dudhat7878385444 Business Plan  1. ID Investment. You can invest in our company 50 to 1000 You Can choose any figure between 50 to 1000.For Example - If you have 128 in Your Wallet than you can Invest.  If you have 56 in Your Wallet than you can Invest.  If you have 580 in Your Wallet than you can Invest. You will get growth on your investment .There is no Particular Packages for Joining2. Matching Bonus When You Invest Self 50 than your Matching    Bonus will be 100.  When You complete one left and one right Sponsor.Left Sponsor - 50Right Sponsor - 503. Monthly Bonus. We are giving you 10 Monthly growth on   your Investment for 30 months.For Example - When You invest 50 than your growth will 5 monthly 30months Your amount will be 300 after 30 months.4. Referral Income. 10 Referral Income.For Example - When You invest 50 than your Referral Income is 5. No Capping on Referral Income.5. Binary Income. 10 Binary Income.Daily Capping Capping depend on your Investments. Big Investment ,Big Capping.www.sikornetwork.comKirit Dudhat7878385444
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