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&ldquoSAMARTHJEEVAN&rdquo SALES & SERVICES&ldquoGROWTHWORLD&rdquoWWW.GROWTHWORLD.BIZJoining Product Sr. No Products Price 1 Mobile & DTH Recharge System with insurance of Rs.1,00,000 599 -              2 Power Saver 599- 3 Semi Paithani 699-       CMD Message"GROWTHWORLD"Here, we are giving you an opportunity to enjoy wealth and successful future. This success is not just for you but all of your family members. You don&rsquot need to bring any type of risk in this business. It may be an extra huge income for you to fulfill your all needs and interests for a good standard of living.We are introducing the business into market as a nonprofit oriented company and we give our best to do the marketing of our products. "GROWTHWORLD" has a highly experienced people in the field of network marketing who are making the plans and strategies of the company. "GROWTHWORLD" has a business plan where in distributors will be benefited most. Mr.  K.  Lokeshkumar Our TeamMr. Pramod Hundekar C.E.OMr.Gorakh Nikam DirectorMr.Tanaji GholveMr Nishikant NikamContact&ldquoSAMARTH JEEVAN&rdquo  SALES &SERVICES.Address Flat No A5, Vitthal Residency, 724,Sadashiv Peth,Near Peshwai creation,Pune 30.Mob. No 9372605405 E-mail lokeshkadam99gmail.com Bank Name IDBI SadashivPeth Pune 0548102000006965Matrix IncomeMatrix income is the level income paid against entry placed by anybody in any of the 6 levels of your network.Top of Form                                         Income Potential Level Count Income Amount 1 4 30 120 2 16 25 400 3 64 25 1600 4 256 20 5120 5 1024 20 20480 6 4096 20 81920 7 16384 10 163840 8 65536 10 655360 9 262144 10 2621440       3550280 Loyalty BonusCompany understands the effort taken by you and allows you to take this income. Company makes a automated system where every person is kept in a linear position, and on every 4 registration, one person who has registered before you will get Rs.800- Time period is unpredictable. But Offcourse You can get this income in one month also. Just You have to register 4 directs in one month. If you fail then you will go to automated system.Risk Free and Liability Free income Club IncomeFirst level income is used to register in this Club.This Club is automated system where all distributor making 4 directs will come to this club and as per table shown in table you will get this income.In this process every person is filled in left to right and top to bottom system. Level Silver Gold Diamond U 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 2 9 9 9 3 27 27 27 Amount 2000- 20000- 200000- As you make four directs you come in silver pool and person next to you who have qualified will come right to you or in your below level. As silver structure is completed then you get Rs.2000 and free entry in Gold Club. Gold club also operates same and on clearance you get Rs.20000. In same way you get Rs 200000 on completetion of diamond Club. Bottom of Form 
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