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Pro On Line Marketing Pvt. Ltd. has made a good reputation in the field of Direct Marketing. Registered in Gujarat under 1956 company&rsquos Act Reg. No. U44520GJ2006PTCO48995, the promoters and Directors of the company are from a well established and experienced business group i.e. Pratibha Group.Pro On Line Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is determined to pass on all the benefits of present consumerism revolution by supplying the best quality products to the customers for maintaining the standard of life and for the development of good relationships on every occasion. Thus company has achieved tremendous success in spreading the message of &ldquoRevolution in Consumerism&rdquo among the citizen of India and thereby creating a team of satisfied persons.PLAN DETAILSINVEST  Rs. 5,500-GET SURVEYS OF COMPANY&rsquoS OWN PRODUCT ON EVERY MONDAY FOR 52 WEEKS.EACH SURVEY WILL GIVE YOU AN STIPEND OF Rs. 750-ONCE YOU COMPLETE 4 SURVEYS, MONEY WILL BE CREDITED TO YOUR E-WALLET.YOU CAN OPT FOR BANK TRANSFER THIS MONEY.MONEY GETS CREDITED TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY 10TH & 25TH OF EACH MONTH.IN ADDITION TO SURVEY INCOME, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR BINARY INCOME. ONE PAIR UNDER YOU, WILL PAY YOU Rs. 600-ALSO YOU GET 5 AS YOUR DIRECT REFERRAL INCOMEBINARY & REFERRAL INCOME GETS CREDITED TO YOUR E-WALLET, EVERY MONDAY.DEDUCTIONS5 IS DEDUCTED TOWARDS SERVICE CHARGE.10 IS DEDUCTED AS TDS, IF PAN IS PROVIDED.10 IS DEDUCTED TOWARDS REPURCHASE INCOME.REPURCHASE INCOME WILL BE USED BY YOU TO BY PRODUCTS OF COMPANY&rsquoS PRODUCT OR TO AWAIL HOLIDAY PACKAGE.SO WHATEVER MONEY IS CREDITED TO YOUR E-WALLET IS TOTALLY WHITE MONEY. YOU DON&rsquoT NEED TO BOTHER ABOUT INCOME TAX.COMPANY IS VERY GENUINE AND THEIR MOTIVE IS TO PROMOTE THEIR OWN PRODUCT.ONE PERSON CAN OPEN 7 ACCOUNTS IN ONE NAME. SO YOU CAN INVEST UP TO Rs. 38,500-        SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN, CALL ME OR JUST MAIL ME. I WILL EXPLAIN YOU EVERYTHING. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET JOINING WITH ME. Rajesh Bhati Ph. 09213756102 Join now & secure your life for Success
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