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JOINING PACKAGE RS 1999-2 SCALAR ENERGY PENDENTUpcoming project in same amount Complimentary Mobile Recharge,   Shoppy System, Resort Accommodation, Movie Tkts, Share Market Training and Trading Account, Other Type Of Income Online IncomeComming Soon.......  BUSINESS PLAN Joining Amount  Rs.1999- First Pair 11 300 points and next 11 per pair 300POINTS Weekly 130 pair Closing, Note Power leg Carried Forward   RENEWAL I.D Every year from date of joining the I.D will get auto renewal in which double binary will be given for e.g if &ldquoYour&rdquo I.D get renewal and after some day your left & right I.D get renewal you will get Binary point this is bonus points. SWARAJYA GLOBAL INFOTECH Come with phenomenal technique - Upline Compulsory have to support downline. Like MR. U will Introduce MR. A & MR. B. BUT MR. U NOT STOPPED There, he introduce 2 more people, MR. C & MR. D. NOW GOOD IS THAT C & D IS DIRTCT OF MR. U BUT C & D WILL GO TO UNDER MR. A. AND IF MR. U Introduce 2 more people MR. E & MR. F, THEN THEY WILL GO  TO UNDER MR. B MEANS STRUCTURE WILL BE GO LIKE THAT U 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 UNLIMITED DEPTH Note You can redeem your points in form of Product purchase from company or in form of voucher or in cheque or recharge. For renewal of i.d min of amt will be deducted from the payout till specific amount which is nominal than the joining package Spill INCOME -     Spill Incentive Income On your 3rd Direct & his Direct A & B you will earn Rs 100- each till unlimited depth           Each Team member can refer &ldquoN&rdquo number of direct members after 3rd direct heshe will receive SPILL INCENTIVE of Rs 100- on 3rd direct A & B   Auto-Matrix Income By Company Members Per Member Commission Distributed in Level AMOUNT RS 3 20 60 9 15 135 27 10 270 81 5 405 243 3 729 729 2 1458 2187 2 4374 6561 3 19683 19683 5 98415 59049 15 886140   TOTAL          1011939   NO TIME LIMIT-Fix Salary Income NO NEED DO FRESH     1470 PAIR RS 2000 for 12 month 3060 PAIR RS 3000 for 12month 5850 PAIR RS 5000 for 12 month 9850 PAIR RS 10000 for 12 month 15510 PAIR RS 15000 for 12 month       NO TIME LIMIT AWARDS & ROYALTY IN SERIES NO NEED DO FRESH Sr.No PAIRS REWARD TENT.IMAGE 1 5 PAIRS LEATHER BAG 2 15 PAIRS WRIST WATCH 3 35 PAIRS CAMERA 4 60 PAIRS MOBILE 5 185 PAIRS NOTEBOOK 6 390 PAIRS LCD TV 7 740 PAIRS TWO WHEELERex showroom price 8 1470 PAIRS FOREIGN TRIP 9 3060 PAIRS NANO CARex showroom price 10 5850 PAIRS ALTO CARex showroom price 11 9850 PAIRS I.10 CARex showroom price 12 15510 PAIRS MAHINDRA SCORPIOex showroom PR 13 32000 PAIRS FORTUNER CARex showroom price       LOAN PLAN  1 ID 1 PANCARD Buy Any Product and Get Loan Upto RS.1000-  To 1 Lakhs Buy Any Product Refer 2 Persons 11 Direct Compulsory & Get Loan With 0 Interest Pay Loan By Installment Basis Get 1000     loan pay Installment pm 250          x41000 Get 2000     loan pay Installment pm 500          x42000 Get 5000     loan pay Installment pm 1250        x45000 Get 10000   loan pay Installment pm 2500        x410000 Get 20000   loan pay Installment pm 5000        x420000 Get 50000   loan pay Installment pm 10000      x550000 Get 75000   loan pay Installment pm 15000      x575000 Get 100000 loan pay Installment pm 12250      x8100000  httpwww.swarajyaglobel.complz study business plan and login > news and eventsMake payment and call OR SMS UR Name, Mobile no., City, State. on 9004972005 for Support  BANK DETAIL BANK DETAIL Bank Name - BANK OF BARODA Bank Name - ICICI BANK AC Name - Swarajya Global Infotech AC Name - Swarajya Global Infotech Ac No - 36170200000060 Ac No - 09805000419 IFS CODE - BARBOMULEAS IFS CODE - ICIC0000988 Branch - Mulund East Branch,MUMBAI Branch - Mulund EastBranch, MUMBAI   ANOTHER PROJECTSWARAJhttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vBkseRijyoNMhttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vv0iDqZUzwZYhttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vSr0K-rHPNgkhttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vpelW0lFFIWISWARAJ TRACTORShttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vOAv2SsdptuUhttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vPvyXtV2Ny7ohttpwww.youtube.comwatch?vDB77y6OnM3M  
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