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 www.worldprelaunch.comtrisha free joining"World Prelaunch" Things are getting busy as word of our World Prelaunch is getting underway have you logged into your back office to see the start of your business?  You need to login daily as your potential income will rise on a daily basis before our launch on Monday 18th March 2013 Here is what to do,login to your World Prelaunch back office.Once you are in you will be able to see a host of great information on how your business is building.Box 1 Shows you how many people have joined after you. All those that have joined after you could be part of your team, you will make approx 16 for every person that joins after you when they join the official opportunity. Box 2 Shows you how many people have joined via your website and how much potentially this is worth to YOU when they join the official opportunity. Every time someone joins via your website you stand to make approx 50 for every new member that joins the official opportunityTake action TODAY to maximise your income potential.1.Share your World Prelaunch website with as many people as you can, post your website link on Facebook, Twitter, Linken, and the 200 social media sites around the world.2.Use the excellent banners in your "Members Tools" section of your back office, post these banners on websites, blogs,on the bottom of all emails you send out, you stand to make approx 50 for every new member that joins via your website and joins the official opportunity. RegardsThe Team World Prelaunchwww.worldprelaunch.comtrisha  
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