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        Quiz India          212 CRORES   500 RS        INVEST LESS AND EARN MORE 1st Time In The History Of MLM , You Can Earn More Than 212Crores Just By Investing 500rs Onlygovt. legal company To register free just open the link shown below- httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?mshriram7WHY Quiz India Is Best And Different From Other Concepts ppt. in English·      U will get 100rs from each of your direct  referral either in 1st level or last level. As it  has 13 levels. Your 1st 4 referals will go in 1stlevel n then in 2nd n so on but every time u ll get 100rs if he ll join with your referral link.·      Every member of quizindia have to renew their ID just by submitting 500rs after a year. Let u earn 10 lacs in 2013, after renewal of urid n ur&rsquos downline id, u ll again get 10 lacs without any work.·      Mostly in all earning plans, u can earn money just for 1 time, but in quizindia u can get same money after just renewal of ur id widout any work.·      To do registration-·      Click on the link and fill form.httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?mshriram7·      Fill your personal details·      Then go to bank preferences and select &ldquobank transfer&rdquo and fill your bank details.·      Click on payment option and activate your id by paying 500rs to quizindia bank account·      U can deposit 500rs from bank to company account with cash transaction charges.·      U have to submit money within a month otherwise ur id will be deactivated.·      U can make as much id as u want with 500rs each. Just take username different of every id, pasword can be same.Quizindia ppt. in hindi          M L M     " 500rs"   "212 "                 httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?mshriram7          QUIZ INDIA    BEST   ?·                        ,  4                1 , 2           100            .·                          ,                    ·         QUIZ INDIA       Rs.500 -   ID RENEW         2013  QUIZ INDIA      10        2014          QUIZ INDIA  ID RENEW      10               ID'S  RENEW ·         EARNING PLAN                ,  QUIZ INDIA    ID'S RENEW           ID     RENEW    ID 'S RENEW      Rs.500- ·          ·         LOGIN  PROFILE PERSONAL DETAILS    ,·          PAYME NT PREFERENCES    BANKTRANSFER       IBANBICSWIFTRTGS      IFSC CODE ·          PAYMENT OPTIONS        Rs.500-     QUIZ INDIA   ACTIVATE             CASH DEPOSIT     Rs.500 - CASH TRANSACTION CHARGE ,   DEPOSIT          Rs.500 -  CASH TRANSACTION CHARGE   ·               ID ACTIVATE     ID  DEACTIVATE&nbsp  ·          EARNING         ID'S       ID'S     ID'S             USERNAME  - ·                    ?·         RENEW -        100000        5000          1         RENEW              1         2sere    RENEW hone pr    sirf 1  mehant     ·          13     13    ?         ??                                            AAJ HE JOIN KIJIYE                     GROWTH KA LABH MILEGA.. HURRY UP SIR..                                     FOR DETAILS PLS. CALL                              91-9992164438 & 09034817093                                 rajiv.sharma1100gmail.com    
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