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      ---www.worldmos.com---   LEADER--->   YOGESH AGRAWAL from MATHURA,UP.WEST.  MOBILE N0-09045121314,09808045786,09758776655. EMAIL ID- yogeshagrawal786yahoo.com    <------------------------------->---------------------------------->------------------------------------>------------------------------->     WORLD MOS IS THE BEST SURVEY COMPANY.WE ARE DIRECT CONNECTED WITH CORPORATE  FRANCHISE OF WORLDMOS. BEST SURVEY PLAN.     COMPANY--UK     REGISTRATION CHARGE-COMPALSURY-1000RS.PER ID.   <-------->-------->-------->-------->-------->   CURRENTLY I AM GIVING 4000 RS.DISCOUNT TILL 31 AUGUST 2011.                                                                                                                                                   Packages   Price   Validity   Job Salary   Team Incentive   Direct Incentive   Reward Points           1 Registration Fee   1000 INR   30 Week   0   0   0   0           2 Premium Package ASM   5000 PBV   30 Week   700x4 2800 PBV   10   5   1           3 Dimand Package ZM   11000 PBV   30 Week   1750x4 7000 PBV   10   5   2                       1PBV 1 INR     <-----------REWARDS DATE TILL- 31-08-2011--------->   HURRY UP NOW.          Srl. No.     Pair Points     Reward  Item 1. 10 Mobile 2. 20 Digital Camera 3 50 Laptop 4. 100 Foreign Tour 5. 150 Bike Pulsar 6. 200 Nano 7. 300 Alto 8. 600 Swift 9. 1200 Safari 10. 2500 Endavour 11 7000 BMW        10 BINARY  5 DIRECTS.   STARTS IN INDIA 02 JUNE 2011.     BIG POWERLEG AVAILABLE.   WORLD MOS ID REGISTERD ONLY 30 WEEKS.AFTER 30 WEEKS YOU HAVE TO GIVE TOTAL AMOUNT TO COMPANY.    SURVEY COMES ON EVERY TUESDAY.   BINARY GENERATE ON THURSDAY.EACH SURVEY COST 7001750 RS PER WEEK.        EWALLET NOT TRANSFERED IN BANK ACCOUNT. BY EWALLET YOU CAN PURCHASE PIN OR COMPANY COMING PRODUCTS.SURVEY INCOME TRANSFERED IN BANK ACCOUNT AFTER 40 DEDUCTION.BUT IT WILL TAKE 31DAYS OR 7000 Rs MINIMUM IN SAME WORLDMOS ACCOUNT.             Our Legals.........             AND FOR ANY OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT---     Regards,    YOGESH AGRAWAL FROM MATHURA, UP WEST.      MOBILE NO-09045121314,09808045786,09758776655. EMAIL ID- yogeshagrawal786yahoo.com        
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