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Four Corners Alliance Group Review –  All You Need to Know is Right Here:

The Four Corners Alliance Group is an easy and lucrative network marketing work from home opportunity that really is quite simple.  Do not overthink it!

Cost:  $18 just one time.  No out-of-pocket Upsells

Owner:  David Harrison

Address: 7260 W Azure Dr STE 140-606, Las Vegas, NV 89130-7999

Phone:   (775) 376-7637

Date of Launch:  March 2013

BBB Business Review:  Four Corners Alliance Group is not BBB accredited, however, it does have a BBB rating of A+.

Alexa Site Rank:

You are here because you want to improve your financial situation and
you see the value in a home-based business being a means of doing so.
 One of the greatest home-businesses you can start for a very low price
is the Four corners Alliance Group.
 I promote a few opportunities online and have been earning a
respectable income doing it for just shy of a year.  I know a program
that works when I see one.  Four Corners Alliance Group is it!

Only One-time Fee Of 18 Dollars

No Sponsoring Required

Quality Products

Seven Income Streams

Unlimited Earning Potential

100% matching bonus for everyone you personally sponsor

Residual Income

Paid Weekly (STP, Debit Card, Bank Wire)

How do You Make Money ?

7 Income Streams

Affiliate Commissions

Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus on Affiliate Commissions

Monthly Financial Newsletter Commissions (Residual)

Newsletter Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus on every referral (Residual)

Straiten Monthly Commissions (Residual)

Straiten Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus
on every referral (Residual)

Retail Commissions

Affiliate Commissions

Four Corners Alliance Group utilizes a 4 by 6 forced matrix and a
uni-level direct selling plan that pays instant commission when someone
purchases any one of Product levels 1 to 6 and where you are the
affiliate qualified to receive it. Below, is the compensation plan in
more detail:

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2, Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus on Affiliate Commissions

In addition, Four corners Alliance Group also pays 100% Sponsor’s
Matching Commissions on instant commissions. Unbelievable – every time a
member you bring into this business receives an instant commission from
someone in their downline who purchases a product, YOU get paid a 100%
match instantly!

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3, Monthly Financial Newsletter Commissions (Residual)

But wait, it gets even better. Four corners Alliance Group
incorporates a 4 x 7 forced matrix which pays you for the monthly
commissions on the Monthly Newsletter subscriptions. 

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4, Newsletter Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus on every referral (Residual)

You also get paid
100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions on instant commissions to possibly
double your commission earnings.  You earn commissions from every member
in your downline who is a subscriber, seven levels deep if you are a
current subscriber. Check out the monthly subscription compensation plan

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5, Straiten Monthly (Residual)


Starien - Marketing Academy
Starien is an exclusive training and marketing community that is
designed to eliminate the learning curves of being successful online.

Starien offers a very unique online education system and provides you
with the essential skills and professional expertise required to become
a success online in today’s turbulent economy.

Remember, with Four Corners, when you are an active
affiliate you qualify for SEVEN massive streams of income from our
company wide forced matrix – let’s now look at Income Stream # 5

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Straiten Sponsor’s 100% Matching Bonus on every referral

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 Join Now

7, Retail Commissions


The Retail Store is a very unique perk of being an Independent Business Partner with 4Corners.

Your Retail Store comes ready for you to take full advantage of from
the day you join. It is pre-loaded with all sixteen products and each
issue of the Monthly Newsletter is included as it becomes available. It
has a built in shopping cart which takes care of the entire process, and
the products are made available for your purchaser to download straight

As a member, you pay a discounted price for these products and
newsletters. However, you will be able to sell the Products and
Newsletters directly from your Retail Store to non-members for the full
retail price of each product. In these instances, you will earn ALL the
usual commissions associated with this income stream PLUS the additional
25% non-member mark-up per sale.

Any support issues related to the products are taken care of by our
Support Team – leaving you to simply benefit from the income generated


Need assistance??  Send me an email





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