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Here is BIG Income With Very low Joining Amount (You Get one Product Worth Rs. 1999/-) And other Benefit up to Rs. 3,33,17,400 with Unlimited Binary Income. Contact No: 8866567676

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Business Plan

1. Sponsor Income 200 Unlimited.
2. Unlimited Binary Income.
3. 2% Royalty Income.
4. Rewards
5. Level Income as per the below explanation.

Boxela Level 1
2 Members from Your 1st tier downline pay Rs. 450/- each for Boxela level 1.
Your Income will be Rs.500 + 400 = Rs.900/-.
Next Level Up-gradation:
You have to pay Rs. 500/- for 2nd level activation. So your 1st level Income after deduction will be
Rs.900 = Rs.400/-

Boxela Level 2
4 Members from Your 2nd Tier downline pay Rs. 500/- each for Boxela level 2.
Your Income will be Rs. 500 x 4 = Rs. 2000/-.
Next Level Up-gradation:
You have to pay Rs.1000/- for 3rd Level activation. So your 2nd level Income Rs. 2000- Rs. 1000 = Rs. 1000..
Boxela Level 3
8 Members from Your 3rd tier downline pay Rs. 1000/- each for Boxela level 3.
Your income will be Rs. 1000x8 = Rs. 8000/-.
Next Level Up-gradation:
You have to pay Rs. 4000/- for 4th Level activation. So Your 3rd level income Rs. 8000 – Rs. 4000 = Rs. 4000..
Boxela Level 4
16 Members from Your 4th Tier downline Pay Rs. 4000/- each for Boxela level 4.
Your Income wil be Rs. 4000 x 16 = Rs. 64000/-.
Next Level Up-gradation:
You have to pay Rs. 32000/- for 5th Level activation. So Your 4th level Income Rs. 64000 – Rs. 32000 = Rs. 32000.
Boxela Level 5
32 Members from Your 5th tier downline pay 32000/- each for Boxela level 5.
Your Income Rs. Rs. 32000x32 = Rs. 10,24000/-.
Next Level Up-gradation:
You have to pay Rs. 5,12000/- for 6th Level activation. So, Your 5th level Income
Rs. 10,24000 – Rs. 5,12000 = Rs. 5,12000/-.
Boxela Level 6
64 Members from Your 6th tier downline pay 5,12000/- each for Boxela level 6.
Your Income Rs. Rs.5,12000x64 = Rs. 3,27,68000/-
Here is completed Your levels. So this is all Income for You.
Total Income is 400 + 1000+ 4000+ 32000 + 5,12000 + 3,27,68000 = 3,33,17,400/- Rs.
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