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Aizen Wellness Redefined


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Aizen Wellness Redefined


join 1500/ with any product- amazing 10 tyep income - 100000/-per day caping-awards and rewards- for more details and ppt contact me

jasvinder singh -- idea no- 09927116509 , uninor-08534929740 [whatsapp]

skype- jasvinder901 mail- jasvinder736@gmail.com

Aizen Wellness Redefined


Have you ever heard of CATUABA?


CATUABA is magical tree native to the Brazilian

Amazon Basin, it is a plant of the most famous

Brazilian aphrodisiac.As early as a few centuries ago,

the Tupi Indian tribe that lived here, from generation

to generation have found the effectiveness and

wonders CATUABA plant extracts that can promote

expansion doubled the male sex organ. That is why

they have a big and strong penis to cause envy to all

the men in this world. They have also discovered that

a man who took CATUABA for long periods can last for

more than 2 hours without ejaculation and still have

higher fertility and sexual prowess as they are 25

years old though diusia 60 years. CATUABA is a plant

which has been given to those who have successfully

enlarge your penis with an unusual and very powerful

sexual ability.

Tupi Indian tribes have used CATUABA for countless

generations .. they also have created a lot of praise

lagu2 magic.Tupi men have an average penis 20 cm

(8 inches), to make it easier when hunting, they had

to tie and fix their penis around the waist or

thighs. Therefore, they also have a very special title -


Brazilian National Laboratory, Academic Medical

Research Laboratory U.S. Federal and Reproductive

Sciences Harvard University, the United States has

been equally scientific research on Indian men and

CATUABA Tupi. Michael Van Straten, a renowned

British expert in medicinal plants research, said: This

is one of the major therapeutic breakthrough in the

field of erectile dysfunction, even more so, there is no

evidence that long-term use can lead apa2 side


10 key actions (CATUABA)

1. Help men have a large penis size diameter and

length as well as the ability of a strong sex

2. Encourage expansion doubled the male sex organs

3. Give men the body is very strong, healthy and


4. CAN treat erectile dysfunction (ED), premature

ejaculation (PE) and male sexual dysfunction.

5. Balance the human body's hormones and promote

secretion of male hormones.

6. Promote the blood circulation, prevent

cardiovascular disease

7. Treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and

frequent urination at night.

8. Increasing the body's immune system

9. Improve fatigue and anxiety problems

10. Retention even more age ....

* Men still have higher fertility after age 60.

* Stay energized even at the age of 70

* 80-year-old man but still enjoy sexual relations with

their wives.

Brazilian National Laboratory, the U.S. Federal Academy of Medical Research and the Reproductive Sciences Laboratory of Harvard University, USA have jointly conducted a scientific research on Tupi Indian men and Catuaba. They found that the Tupi men with their huge penis did have inseparable relationship with Catuaba.

Michael V. Straten, a renowned British expert in medicinal plants research said: This is a major therapeutic breakthrough in the field of erectile dysfunction. Moreover there is no known side effect with catuaba reported in the medical literature as of 2010.

Catuaba has been primarily used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and libido stimulant for both males and females, as well as a tonic to fortify the nervous system. It is said to calm the nerves, relieve insomnia, ease anxiety, restlessness, depression and emotional stress. The herb is also used to increase blood circulation to the brain (helping poor memory), to the reproductive organs (helping the libido) and to the heart (helping cardiac health).


Catuaba is a vigorous-growing, small tree that is native to the forests of northern Brazil and has been used medicinally for thousands of years as an overall body tonic and an aphrodisiac. The tree grows to about twelve feet in height and produces yellow and orange flowers and small, dark yellow, inedible fruit. The historic traditional use of this herbal tonic is legendary, and many say it is the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants. The Tupi Indians in Brazil first discovered the aphrodisiac qualities of the plant centuries ago, and many of the other local peoples in Brazil have also been using it for generations. There is even a saying in Brazil that "Until a father reaches sixty, the son is his; after that, the son is Catuaba's." It has been exported to the United States and Canada, where herbalists include it in their treatments for a variety of ailments. There has been much confusion surrounding the actual species of tree that is sold around the world as Catuaba. The Catuaba tree (Erythroxylum catuaba) belongs to theErythroxylaceae family, which contains several species that are sources of cocaine. This Catuaba, however, contains none of the active cocaine alkaloids. There are many other species sold as Catuaba, but two species of the Erythroxylaceae family: small Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba) and big Catuaba(Trichilia catigua) are the preferred Brazilian herbal medicinal species with the longest documented history of use as "big and little" Catuaba. Both types are used interchangeably in Brazilian herbal medicine systems for the same conditions, and it is the bark and root that are used in herbal medicine. Some of the constituents in Catuaba include alkaloids, tannins, aromatic oils, fatty resins, phytosterols, cyclolignans, sequiterpenes and flavonoids.

Beneficial Uses:

Catuaba has an almost legendary reputation as an aphrodisiac and is said to enhance sexual drive and increase libido in both women and men. According to Dr. Michael van Straten, noted British herbalist and naturopath, Catuaba is beneficial to both men and women as an aphrodisiac (treating frigidity and low sex drive in women), but it is in the area of male impotence and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that the men achieve striking results. The herb appears to stimulate the central nervous system and increase libido and circulation in the male reproduction organ. It is often called an "innocent" aphrodisiac, meaning that it enhances libido without any side effects. Even after long-term use, there have been no reported ill side effects. As a matter of fact, Dr. Meira Penna claims that the only side effects reported have been erotic dreams and increased sexual desire. Its actions as a nervous system stimulant act directly on the genital organs as a tonic for genital function.

Catuaba is considered a "nervine" or agent that strengthens and balances the function of the nervous system and may be both stimulating and sedating. As a nervous system tonic, it is believed to restore and nourish the system and has been used to relieve agitation, nervousness and anxiety (often accompanied by apprehension of danger, restlessness, tension, increased heart rate and shortness of breath). Considered an herbal tranquilizer, the herb is also used to relieve insomnia, particularly when related to nervous debility, and it also thought to alleviate depression, emotional stress and hypochondria. Catuaba is believed to calm overactive neurotransmitters.

Catuaba is thought to be a reliable analgesic and is said to relieve pain, particularly nerve pain and pain related to the central nervous system, such as sciatica and neuralgia.

As a cardiotonic, Catuaba is believed to tone and strengthen the heart. The herb is considered both a vasodilator and vasorelaxant. These actions expand blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through them and increase blood circulation. It also helps to lower the high blood pressure that increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, because hypertension adds to the workload of the heart, causing it to overwork and weaken. In 2002, a group of Brazilian researchers were granted a patent for Catuaba extract in a substance that relaxed and dilated blood vessels in animals.

Because Catuaba improves overall blood circulation, it is also believed to increase circulation to the brain, stimulating it and enhancing brain function. It is thought to be beneficial in cases of poor memory, Alzheimer's disease, forgetfulness and dementia.

Catuaba is thought to be a fine general tonic that tones, nourishes and strengthens overall bodily functions and individual organs. It is known for its capability of increasing strength and relieving general exhaustion, fatigue, weakness and overall debility.

Catuaba is believed to have effective antibacterial and antiviral properties. Laboratory studies conducted in 1992 indicated that the herb provided protection against lethal infections of E. coli and Staphlococcus aureus. Moreover, it also inhibited HIV significantly. The pathway of the herb's anti-HIV activity appeared to stem from the inhibition of HIV absorption into cells.

Product Description for Catuaba... become a REAL man in bed!

What is Catuaba?

The name catuaba (pronounced [ka.two.'ava], a Guaraní word that means “what gives strength to the indian”) is used for the infusions of the bark of a number of trees native to Brazil.

When we speak of aphrodisiacs or natural sex enhancement in Brazil, the word that comes to everyone’s lips is “Catuaba.” Catuaba (scientific name, Trichilia catigua) is known all over the world as the Brazilian without the harmful side effects. In Brazil, Catuaba has such a following that we have a saying about it:

"up to sixty years old, a father’s children are his own; after sixty, they come from the Catuaba."

The aboriginal groups of the Amazon have been using Catuaba for centuries as an aphrodisiac, but it’s also used in the treatment of fatigue, insomnia, hypochondria, impotence, erectile dysfunction and sciatica. It also helps with concentration and provides natural energy and immune support.

Its medical properties extend even farther, as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It helps dilate and strengthen the arteries and improves circulation. Its chemical composition includes tannins, phyto-chemicals, and flavonoids for super antioxidant prowess. More recently, studies show that Catuaba extract strengthens blood cells and helps them fight off all kinds of pathogens, including the HIV virus.

No clinical studies have yet addressed the use of catuaba as an aphrodisiac, but the widespread consumption of catuaba bark preparations for sexual purposes by large numbers of natives over many generations is ample testimony to the plant’s efficacy.

Like so many traditional native remedies, catuaba’s use was once exclusive to those tribal populations where the tree grows. Today, catuaba is popular in the European and U.S. markets in capsules and in fluid extracts.

In Brazil, you can find Catuaba infused with wine and sold in supermarkets. It’s very popular among young Brazilian couples. You can also find it in capsules, either alone or in combination with other herbs, and sold either as a sexual stimulant or just as a general energy formula.

Why women feel incomplete in bed

Fifty percent of couples in the Asia Pacific region are unhappy with their sex lives, the main cause being premature ejaculation

PETALING JAYA: One of the biggest ever surveys into sexual satisfaction in the Asia-Pacific region revealed the intense levels of distress and frustration premature ejaculation causes men and their partners.

The study, commissioned by international pharmaceutical company Menarini, concluded that many couples were unsatisfied with their sex lives, the main cause being premature ejaculation (PE).

John A Graham, CEO of Menarini Asia-Pacific, said in a statement : “It’s disquieting to see so many couples facing frustration with their sex lives. Premature ejaculation affects couples, both on the personal and relationship levels.”

Three in four people desire to be more sexually active. Sexual satisfaction was priority with two in three respondents (67%), believing that mutual sexual satisfaction plays a significant or extremely important role in a successful relationship.

According to the survey, couples’ sexual and relationship health are severely impacted by premature ejaculation – the most common dysfunction in men.

Jumping the gun too soon

The survey reveals that premature ejaculation is a highly prevalent medical condition in the region with nearly one in three men experiencing some form of PE.

Among respondents who reported PE, 30% of m

en and 40% of women said that it causes them to avoid sex completely.

Within relationships, 44% of couples said that PE caused them to grow apart from their partners. In the worst cases, 15% of men and 14% of women said that PE could lead to actual relationship breakdown or divorce.

Despite issues with relationships and sexual satisfaction caused by PE, most men and women are not talking about it and the major barrier preventing them from doing so is the sense of embarrassment attached to this condition.

A sexologist with the National University Hospital Women’s Centre in Singapore, said: “Even though talking about sex seems more open these days, premature ejaculation remains a taboo subject.

“PE carries a huge stigma among men and their partners, preventing them from taking action about the condition.”

Close to eight in 10 men who have experienced PE remain undiagnosed. Fifty-five percent listed a lack of understanding as the main barrier to seeing a doctor

Some believe that PE is caused by stress, fatigue, lifestyle or inexperience, an that it will resolve itself over time without needing treatment.

Nearly half of those involved in the survey said that they had not taken action because of stigma, shame and embarrassment. For partners of men with PE, 47% have never encouraged their men to seek treatment.




work by increasing the blood flow to a penis

Sex and CATUABA have been related since the times immemorial and have been used as a treatment and also a cure for male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. The active ingredients in CATUABA NOURISHING POWDER help the body in reducing the effects of stress and related issues. It helps in increasing the levels of circulation which is directly related to sexual performance as the problems in the blood flow are the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark powder has become renowned for its ability to enhance libido and sexual desire. With numerous health benefits, Catuaba Bark enhances the immune and nervous systems of the body. The Catuaba tree is native to the forests of Northern Brazil. The first people to recognize the power of Catuaba Bark were the Tupi Indians of Brazil who brewed it in a tea as an aphrodisiac to enhance libido. However the indigenous tribe soon found that the bark of the Catuaba tree had multiple health benefits such as relieving pain, increasing energy, improving memory and fighting depression. The Tupi found the Catuaba so beneficial they sang songs of its powers, quickly spreading the word to the other tribes of Brazil. This sexual enhancement is a natural alternative to medical drugs which can have harmful side effects.

Catuaba Bark provides healthy genital functions in men and can normalize prostate function and improve the male reproductive system. A common saying of Brazilian tribes states that "Up to sixty years old, a fathers children are his own. After sixty, the children are Catuabas!" Catuaba bark is still found in Brazilian supermarkets today often infused in wine, very popular with young couples to keep their love lives spicy and their bodies healthy! Continuous use of Catuaba Bark has been known to create erotic dreams and heightened sexual experience and orgasm.

The list of medicinal uses for Catuaba Bark goes on and on. Catuaba naturally increases energy while stimulating the immune system. Well known for its analgesic qualities, Catuaba is also an anti-inflammatory and antiviral which can strengthen arteries and promote healthy circulation. With powerful flavanoids, tannins and phyto-chemicals Catuaba has superior antioxidant qualities. The bark of the Catuaba tree contains Erythoxilum, a potent antiviral and antibacterial alkaloid. Catuaba is a nervous system stimulant and has been beneficial against sciatica and other nerve conditions. Catuaba promotes an overall healthy mind fighting depression, calming the nerves, battling insomnia and increasing memory and focus.

Some of the possible health benefits of Catuaba Bark:

● Enhanced libido

● Boosts immunity

● Aphrodisiac

● Improved energy and stamina

● Heightened orgasms

● Beneficial against erectile dysfunction

● Relieves nerve pain

● Fights insomnia

● Calms nerves

● Increased memory and focus

● Anti-anxiety

● Normalize prostate function

● Antidepressant qualities

● Relieves exhaustion

Catuaba Bark is a natural sexual enhancement product that can boost energy, stamina and overall health for the body and mind.


Catuaba is a small tree that grows in the north of Brazil, during the flowering season they flower with yellow and orange flowers. In the long historical records for herbal medicine, Catuaba bark is commonly used as a source of strength and health. Indian tribes Tupi Amazon has a habit of chewing Catuaba bark while hunting to ease mental and physical fatigue and even prevent sleepiness. Additionally, Catuaba also can treat fatigue and general weakness and anxiety and poor memory. benefit Catuaba bark! 1 - natural physiological function refresh Catuaba can refresh and improve the range of physiological functions in middle-aged men. It can also prevent various diseases kemerosatan simple function occur during menopause men and women apart for restores youthful vitality to the 2-promote healing Catuaba bark-indiidu can prevent individuals from feeling agitated and help overcome forgetfulness and dementia. People who take this herb has megatakan that they feel more relaxed and bertenaga.Catuaba also acts as a stimulant of the nervous system and help for depression. it can also help relieve nerve pain and for insomnia. 3-non-toxic characteristics of other benefits is the nature of the non-toxic Catuaba tree as aromatic oils, tannins and alkaloid.Catuaba not have side effects, the elements of which are non-toxic 4 - antiviral compounds in Japanese researchers have also found that Catuaba contains antiviral compounds. Studies have shown that this herb can fight the HIV virus. Researchers gave mice with Catuaba and inject them with the HIV virus. Results showed that catuaba had to protect white blood cells from absorbing the virus more HIV.Walaubagaimanapun other studies that are being made for either answer Catuaba is an effective treatment for HIV. 15th MAIN FUNCTIONS * give the body a stronger, healthier and more energetic * promote blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease * reducing blood cholesterol * improves liver function, kidney and lung Lungs * treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and reduce the frequency of urination at night. * improve sexual life * improve fatigue and anxiety problems * improve memory * prevent diabetes * help reduce the stress of life * increase muscle growth and strength body * improve fertility percentage * anti-inflammatory * Growing immunityactivate metabolism +

Brazilian Catuaba

Catuaba Nourishing Essence

Reliving general exhaustion, fatigue, weadness &overall debility.

Brazilian Catuaba Nourishing Essence

Improves overall blood circulation

Catuaba Nourishing Essence Brazilian Catuaba - Nourishing Essence - Beneficial in cases of poor memory, alzheimer's disease, forgetfulness & dementia.

Aizen Wellness Redefined

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no any side efect

Brazilian Catuaba Increases sexual desire, libido and sexual functioning for Men Catuaba Nourishing Essence can provide the solution for men and light the pavement on your journey to the best of health in your life everyday.

A remedy to impotency,especially to men who are after 50 years old or those who have been suffering from prostrate cancer. Brazilian CatuabaIncreases sexual desire, libido and sexual functioning for Men Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health 100% natural products

What is CATUABA?












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