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SECURE FUTURE MULTITRADE PVT. LTD               http://www.SECUREINDIAN.COM PRODUCTS Basic productJOINING AMOUNT 6000 RS. 4000 RS. Money back coupon condition applied 2 direct sponsors must in First year2000 RS. TOUR PACKAGE IN INDIA & ABROAD JOINING AMOUNT 8000 RS. 6000 RS, LIFE INSURANCE2000 RS. TOUR PACKAGE IN INDIA & ABROAD PREMIUM PRODUCTJOINING AMOUNT 15000 RS.  13000 RS.  LIFE INSURANCE POLICY                    2000 RS. TOUR PACKAGE IN INDIA & ABROAD                                       INCOME BINAY INCOME                              BASIC REWARDS LEVEL INCOME                               PREMIUM REWARDS 1.     BINARY INCOME 21 12 PAIR 700 RS. CAPPING ON BINARY WEEKLY   90000 RS. WEEKLY  2.      LEVEL INCOME  1 TO 15 LEVELS1.       LEVEL ------ 502.       LEVEL--------503.       LEVEL--------504.       LEVEL--------255.       LEVEL--------256.       LEVEL--------257.       LEVEL--------208.       LEVEL--------209.       LEVEL--------2010.   LEVEL--------2011.   LEVEL--------3012.   LEVEL--------3513.   LEVEL--------4014.   LEVEL--------4015.   LEVEL--------50   3.    BASIC REWARDS   ON EVERY NEXT PAIR                                     4, PREMIUM REWARDS 1ST PAIR 21 , 12                                           2ND YEAR PREMIUM WITHIN 10 DAYS OF JOINING                           PAID BY COMPANY  NEXT 5 PAIR                                                      3RD YEAR PREMIUMWITHIN 25 DAYS OF JOINING                       PAID BY COMPANY                NEXT 25 PAIR                                                 BIKE            NEXT 50 PAIR                                                    ALTO           NEXT 200 PAIR                                                    I 20          NEXT 500 PAIR                                                   HONDA CIVIC NEXT 1200 PAIR                                                         1 KG GOLD                                                                                     MAX. 30 LACS.  NEXT 3000 PAIR                                                          HOUSE                                                                                    MAX. 50 LACS.   CONTACT-------919988875666
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